One more S-Rank?

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With all this Dark Souls action on GB I'm thinking about going for one more S-Rank...

I have S-Rank'd Demons' Souls, the US version and Japanese versions (separate trophy lists).
Dark Souls for 360, PC, and PS3 (Japanese). And, this morning I received a package from my mom from the there, a brand new, unopened USA copy for PS3.

Should I go ahead and dump another 100 hours into this game?

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No, you've proven your worth multiple times over. I say give it to a friend! You have a nice mom.

#3 Posted by INV2 (321 posts) - appears there are no double trophy sets for Dark Souls.

Looks like Demon's Souls has double trophy sets, maybe because the Japanese version was published by Sony, and the US version by Atlus? Dark Souls was published by Ban Dai in all regions, so it appears there is only the one trophy set? Well, at least whatever semblance of a social life is safe.

Yes, methinks I will gift this to a buddy.

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@inv2: Don't worry, no need for a social life in another month.

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Ya Dark only has the one set for all regions. But Demon's has three! US, UK and Asia. You only have two, get the third. Then you can be a super nerd like myself.

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Alright, I'm down, I could go through Demon's Souls again, where can I get a UK copy??? Anyone?

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@sterling said:

Then you can be a super nerd like myself.

Something that Archer would never say.

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@weegieanawrench: I can say what ever I want while I am wearing a tactle-neck. Danger Zone.

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