Please help....

#1 Posted by UdderDischarge (61 posts) -

My son decided to delete my main. I think i made him mad. anyway, out of frustration, i deleted the entire dark souls save file, Now That was a moment of... well

I had a moment. anyway, I am going to ask the community for a big favor, if anyone is out there with around a sl 16-20 char with great gear, I would like to ask a favor. I need to run through new Londo top level and re acquire my cursebite ring, parrying dagger, firekeeper soul, and lower water. please, I know its my fault. but I lost 200 hours on a char that all had left to do was nito and gwyn. I would also like to reclaim my bow of pharis. So please if anyone can help, my gamer tag is udder discharge, and im currently SL 18.. thanks all.

#2 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -

@UdderDischarge: You should also mention which platform you're on. Though I hazard a guess and say 360?

#3 Posted by UdderDischarge (61 posts) -

yes thanks 360

#4 Posted by WMWA (1219 posts) -

200 hours without even beating the game once? Jesus, man!

#5 Posted by UdderDischarge (61 posts) -

@wmaustin55: all my gear was fully upgraded, i was also holding 297 humanity, i had all equipment in game sans nito and gwyn area, i am a completionist type... i was only level 96 but i had to be the one to spend millions on twinkling titanite, hah my seath fight my curse resist was 768

#6 Posted by UdderDischarge (61 posts) -

thanks for the offer, im sure someone will help me. things i really loved were my velkas +5, My proscilla dagger +5, my eagle shield +15 my logans gear maxed, my dingy set maxed especially the robe, my fury sword, my lightening spear, my ornstein armor, my pharis bow maxed, my fully ascended pyro glove, my maxed washing pole, all my rings especially darkwood, beatrices catalyst, tin crystallization catalyst all the bites, steel defense, wolf, hawk, i worked so hard to get those. i sound fucking pitiful i know but man what a bummer. im getting no help from anyone online yet. Not to mention ive got to go through those fucking axe blades at sens again, that was a full week alone to figure that out lol.

#7 Posted by AlianthaBerries (158 posts) -

If you managed to get that far it would take around 10 hours to get back most of what you had lost

#8 Posted by Z3RO180 (272 posts) -

@UdderDischarge: ihave a NG+ character im sure i have some spare stuff i can give you.

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