please help me

Posted by snuffy-suffalufakiss (12 posts) -

ok i need some help i am stuck in a part of dark souls and i went to vaatividya and EpicNameBro and none of them will answer me so. i will come here and see who i will get so if i get any post i will say my probleam so ppl hit this up so i can get some damn help i need advice and someother things so please help me..

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@snuffy-suffalufakiss: I put this in the Dark Souls forum...can you just go ahead and ask your question instead of asking if you can ask a question? Also, editing your topic title to reflect what this thread is actually about would help people help you.

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#2 Posted by VoshiNova (1979 posts) -

Yeah, you should probably start with an actual question.

I'm sure someone can help.

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You can pretty much find an answer to any query you may have here, otherwise just ask your question.

#4 Posted by TobbRobb (5214 posts) -

Is this elaborate spam?

If not, excuse me and please ask your question.

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This doesn't seem like a very productive way of getting an answer to your question. I've often found that the key to getting a timely and helpful answer is usually to actually ask a question.

#6 Posted by Dussck (501 posts) -

The answer is probably 'keep on trying, it really is not impossible!'

#7 Posted by DrZing (172 posts) -

Heh, when I read this message I pictured one of those pitiful hollows sitting on the ground before New Londo just wailing and hitting his head over and over again. Best thing we can do for him is push him off into the water.

#8 Posted by snuffy-suffalufakiss (12 posts) -

umm ok sorry if i miss spell this i am in NG+ and i can not beat aurostin and smough i have wewihander+10+eletric then i have gravlord sword is +5 and i use that on them cuz it does about 200 damnage if not more. i have havels armor on and not shild i have the black knight sheild. and i can beat one by my self. but when i do summoning with solair i keep losing and i just need some way to farm humanity and a good way to beat him. easyer i have +7 estus. i am like and 83 but endurance strentght and dex are all 30&+ but i really just need hel with that and i do not have DLC yet i am getting it here soon

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