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I'm surprised by the focus on plotline in a trailer for a Souls game. They're usually gameplay-centric (much like the products they represent), but this seems like pure fanservice for those of us invested in the lore. The trailer show both a mix of vanilla Dark Souls and the new Artorias of the Abyss content. I assume it is the PC version being shown, because the console crowd still don't have an exact release date to salivate over for the new DLC, whereas the Prepare to Die edition is right around the corner.

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On the one hand, totally excited for all the things this is going to reveal about the world and backstory of Dark Souls. On the other, goddamnit, I thought I was done being afraid of this game already, and now there's going to be all kinds of new shit that wants me dead.

Also, I just realized that the guy at the very end is probably Hawkeye Gough from his armor. He seems... way more imposing than I expected, for an archer.

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Can't wait for the PS3 DLC! Hope they release the PC version and the console DLC at the same time but I doubt that will happen.

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So excited for this, I hope it comes out on the PS3 in a timely fashion.

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Thanks From. Now you're going to make me get the pc version too aren't you? Looks so good. So good.

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@jclane In actually, Dark Souls had an incredibly deep lore portion to the game. It was all about subtle hints in the game that gave certain reasoning and explanations for some characters. If you're interested I suggest watching EpicNameBros lore explanation of the game where he talks about characters and the actual storyline.
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@Joeyoe31: Yes, I'm very familiar with ENB's lore videos and I am myself, a DaS lore fanatic. I haven't been interested in a game's plot like this for quite some time.

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