Put down summon sign, but I invaded...

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I was at Sen's Fortress and put my summon sign down just past the first button that fires the darts. A few seconds later, it said I was invading another world as a dark spirit. I appeared in the other player's world right where my summon sign was. Why did that happen? And, usually when you're invading, you appear next to the illusory wall that leads up top to the giant who lifts the gate.

Another time, I was trying to invade at Darkroot Forest, and I was summoned instead. I appeared at the top of the stairs where you do when you're invading...

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This is kind of a silly question but are you accidently using the Red Sign Soapstone instead of the White Sign Soapstone?

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No sir, I did not use the red soapstone. Also, when I invaded the host, he was hiding behind a wall, waiting for me to come from the normal invasion spawn point. The other time when this happened, I was in the forest. I was actually trying to invade, but I was summoned instead. I appeared as a white phantom on top of the stairs. This is where you normally appear when you invade. You can't put a summon sign down in that spot, you have to be off of the stairs and in the grass.

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@AndyD74: It has to be you doing something wrong since I've never even heard about this. But as you said, you not using a red soapstone so you're probably wearing that Darkmoon Blade ring or the Forest Hunter ring which summons you when certain criterias are met.

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@eroticfishcake, no, that is not the case. The guy I used in the forest was in the Darkwraith covenant. I was trying to invade. Instead, I got summoned as a white phantom and appeared at the top of the stairs where invaders usually spawn. I'm not making this up. It was very confusing. Next, the character I was using to put down my white soapstone is NOT in any covenant. I was simply trying to be summoned as a white phantom. Instead, I invaded and appeared where my white soapstone was. I wasn't a blue invader, I was red. Again, it was very confusing. The guy I invaded was hiding and waiting on me. He thought I had spawned in the normal spawning place. It was very weird. It reminded me of Demon's Souls at the Tower of Latria. Sometimes you would try to be summoned as a blue phantom, but instead you would be summoned to be the Monk boss. I didn't know if something like that was going on or what.

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Hey, the exact thing happened to me in the Darkroot Forest. I put down my white soapstone sign, and as soon as I did a message appeared that I was invading another player's world. I appeared where I placed my white sign but I was a red phantom. There where a few people who where spamming dried fingers and eyes of death to draw others into the game for some PvP fun. That maybe what happened to you as well.

#7 Posted by AndyD74 (187 posts) -

@Gotisttott: Whew, glad I'm not the only one this has happened to. You could be right, maybe it's the dried finger thing. But, it doesn't make sense that a dried finger would make me become a phantom helper instead of an invader. That's what happened to me when I was in the forest....

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Have you joined the Alvina clan? When you invaded, do you remember where did you invade? There are some clans that will make you invade other players. For example, the Earth Dragon clan lets you invade players with Dragon Scales. The Alvina of the Forest will forcefully pull you, and make you a defender of the forest. Just so you know.

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If you read the other posts I made, you'd see that I was not in the forest covenant. I was in the Darkwraith covenant, and was trying to invade at the forest. Instead, I was summoned as a phantom to help the host, not fight him. I was a white phantom. When this happened at Sen's Fortress, I used a character who was NOT in ANY covenant. I was trying to be summoned to help someone, instead I invaded someone and appeared where my summon sign was. Not the red soapstone either, but the white one.

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I've experienced your problem before as well. I know this is an old topic, but I was looking up how this happened and stumbled upon this. I was a warrior of sunlight at the time helping people clear the gargoyles for easy sunlight medals, but suddenly I was that I was invading. I had invaded twice with the four cracked eye orbs from firelink, but after I killed the host and left I still had two left. I was also summoned where I placed my sign, not next to the gargoyle fog gate, but the stairs leading to the church instead. I have no idea how this happened though.

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this is my first post here, avid dark souls and demon's souls player, purchased dark souls for PC & PS3 as well as buying the DLC on PS3 as well (essentially purchased the game twice), I have thousands of hours of gameplay into the game, so hopefully nobody will ask questions like "were you wearing covenant rings?//did you use the wrong soapstone??"

this has never happened to me on PC, but on PS3, it's happened to me three times in the last few hours. I'll have my white soapstone sign down at Oolacile Township, and while using havels/first born, i've been forced to invade another players game

seems to be a console-related glitch, but a glitch nonetheless

this character is in the princess guard covenant, ala a non-invasion based covenant

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This has happened to me exactly once on the PC in over 400 hours of playing. I had my white soap stone sign down outside S&O, doing some jolly cooperation, when out of the blue I was summoned in as an invader at the position of my sign. I was not wearing/using any PvP items, nor was I in any PvP covenants (my character was a pure co-op one). The host seemed just as surprised as I was when it happened. I got summoned normally (as a white phantom) multiple times right before and right after that one strange instance, so there was no recurrence or pattern I could see.

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This just happened to me. I placed my white summon sign just before the Ornstein/Smough boss and then I was summoned as a dark spirit to invade another player world. So I googled it and I ended up here. Weird thing...

I am on Blades of the Darkmoon covenant

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The second example just happened to me I was trying to invade in the forest with my blue eye orb and suddenly it said I was being summoned and appeared as a white phantom where you would normally invade from

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yep this happened to me a few times and it seems this always happens in the forest , never in the Burg...

I often would invade as a wraith in the forest (to get ganked, I like this) would come back, go down the stairs to reinvade and suddenly I am summoned as a white spirit...I never laid any summon sign down...a glitch I guess

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@andyd74: yeah this is true it just happened to me 1 hour ago and i googled it and ended up here xD..i just created an account in this site to share my similar situation. It happened to me in dark root, i placed my summon sign with the white soap stone ( i dont have the red one yet) and suddenly a message saying "invading another world appeared" and i was like 0.o am i reading right? XD and i was summoned in the same place as my sign but i was a blue phantom, my char is in the warrior of sUnlight covenant by the way. I play on a ps3

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This JUST happened to me and im at the undead perish barely an hour into the game and needed a few extra souls to buy a ring. I dont even have the red soap stone and the only covenant i have joined is Way of White. I googled and there doesnt seem to be any infomation at all apart from this.

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Just happened to me. I'm on PC, Warrior of Sunlight covenant, Duke's Archives. I had my sign in the balcony doorway, but I was sitting at the campfire. I invaded someone's game as a red phantom from the sign's spot in the doorway, then died miserably and confused in the duel. Evidently this is an "unknown" function of the white stone? This seems so rare and random that it can't possibly be useful.

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Ha. This happened to me when trying to help people with O&S. All of sudden I'm invading them. I just moved out of the way with a wave. Maybe it's a weird little built in thing to force you to experience both sides of the multiplayer since I was just doing co-op stuff. Or maybe I went too long waiting for a co-op and it just said, well here do this instead. Or an odd little bug. Whatever it is it's weird.

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