Question regarding bonfires in Tomb of Giants

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Is there a 2nd bonfire somewhere closer to Nito or do I have to run ALLL the way down every single time I attempt to fight him? Cause, if so like, that sucks. I don't much mind getting my ass kicked in the boss fight but trudging through all the skeletons on the way down is a pain in the ass.

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there is one about two thirds of the way through the tomb -->

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There is one fairly close to him, but it is still in the dark part of the caves. you will have to run through the small cave with all the mini skeletons every time.

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theres one down a ladder beside a place with a few of the dog things

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There are 2 Bonfires in Tomb of the Giants. From the second one you should be able to sneak out of the dark part without fighting any skeletons. You might want to kill one or two of the bone towers at the part after that but should be able to dash past the bow and the sword skeleton since they can't follow you into the cave with the Pinwheel demons.

Speaking of which, the Pinwheel Demons charge their spells slowly, run past them as well.

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Awesome! Found it! Now anyone want to help me beat him? XD

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