Quick reinforcing Greataxe question

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#1 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (825 posts) -

So I'm currently at the Ornstein and Smough fight, and I've realised I need a much stronger weapon than my Raw Battle Axe +5.

I've been using Titanite Shards to get the Greataxe up, but after +5 it's disappeared off my Reinforce list, but has not been added to the Modify Equipment list? I've just bought a Large Titanite Shard to upgrade it to +6, but I can't find the damn thing!

Any help is most appreciated, cheers! :D

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@shalashaskauk666: you need the large ember from where the butcher is (depths I think) to reinforce beyond +5. Very large ember for more than 10.

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#3 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (825 posts) -

Thanks man! I already have the Large one, but I think the 'Great Blacksmith' or whatever you call the giant guy in Anor Londo can't smith basic weapons above +5, you have to return to Astaire or whatever he's called right next to Sen's Fortress! :D

I've realised that my best bet is to grind out a good 80,000 souls from the huge giant knight chaps, and +5 my Black Knight Sword so it's attack will be 330!! In my game the Black Knights never dropped the halberd, so this is the next best thing from what I've been reading!

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I really need to get on with that game. Just started over after not moving past the Gargoyles on my first run. But I have a holiday coming up and nothing but time.

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#5 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (825 posts) -

@sogeman: It's definitely the most love/hatey game I've ever come across. I've never had such overwhelming and passionately incendiary reactions to losing to things over and over, only to have this crazy life-affirming rush of euphoria and adrenaline when I finally beat something!

Totally worth it though, and in many ways is the quintessential video gamer's video game, which will make more sense when you get more into it! :D

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Oh, I get the game. I just fell off the last time. I like to do that, start, play like 10 hours and then stop.

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Yep, you need to return to the other blacksmith to upgrade to +6. The Sen's Fortress shortcut makes the trip rather trivial.

For what it's worth, I tried using Black Knight Sword with my tank character to beat them but ended up succeeding with a +10 Zweihander instead. The damage per hit and range are a bit better.

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#8 Posted by ThePinkKnight (27 posts) -

If you're stuck in Anor Londo and you need to grind out souls, there's always the option of jolly-cooperation! 25,000 souls every time you beat Biggie Smalls as a white phantom is nothing to sneeze at.

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