Red enemies

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I've just recently started NG+ and I have bad guys that are red while I'm hollow. What's up with that? Does it have to do with the fact that I'm Chaos Servant+2?

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Those are red phantom enemies that only show up in NG+ and beyond. They are just much stronger variations of the normal versions.

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@sterling: Can you tell me why they stopped showing up after I posted this thread? I caught something saying that something Gravelord was slain. does that have to do with the red guys? Sorry for all the questions, I'm a n00b.

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@monkeyman04: Part of the Gravelord covenant involves infecting other players' worlds with black phantoms. If certain black phantoms are gone and you got that message, it's likely they are connected.

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Oh my bad, I thought this was in the Dark Souls II topic. Ya you were invaded by a grave lord.

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So I got invaded without knowing it? lol

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