Should I watch Load Our Last Souls?

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So I haven't finished Dark Souls yet and although I kinda want to I don't think it'll happen in the next few months. So my question is: Should I watch Load Our Last Souls? On the one hand I don't want to miss out on some great content, on the other hand I'm a bit afraid it is going to ruin the game for me by showing me everything that's ahead. But again, I don't think I'll finish Dark Souls in the next 6-8 months....sooo..any advice for my stupid problem?

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@abendlaender: Don't think anyone can give you any good advice here. The best I can do is this: LOLS is one of my favourite content the site has ever produced, but it will diminish the game for you greatly if you decide to finish it. A lot of the fun of Dark Souls is discovering shit for the first time, and you lose that by playing the game (unless you wait so long that you forget much of the stream).

So it's up to what your priorities are, really.

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decide for yourself and be proud of the fact that you can make decisions for yourself

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Just wait it out. The series definitely shows a lot of stuff.

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I've been watching it sparsely and haven't caught up with the more recent episodes cause I don't want to have everything in the end game spoiled but if you don't mind it, then go ahead. Or you can watch it when you've played up to the part they're at, although I guess that would be quite difficult seeing as how you can tackle each area in Dark Souls without a specific order...

The first four parts have been hilariously entertaining though and I don't regret watching it before catching up to those parts.

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My favorite part of Dark Souls was discovering everything for the first time by myself. That said, I finished it in just over 2 days and don't see why you can't just finish it and then watch the videos.

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I'm of the opinion that no two runnings of Dark Souls are alike. Vinny's strategy against Nito might be (and, in my case, was) different than yours. There's not a lot of spoilery "A-ha!" moments for the LOLS team through the content except, maybe, that Havel's Armor is badass. That said, this has been my favorite content the site's done in a long time and I wholeheartedly suggest watching it, especially if you need a good laugh.

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I'd say watch it.

If you are like most people the odds are very low that you will ever finish the game at this point if it's going to be a few months before you even have a chance to. It's hard to jump back into games when you've lost the flow and a few months I'm sure you will have more new games to play.

Just depends on how likely it is in your mind that you will go back to Dark Souls.

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decide for yourself and be proud of the fact that you can make decisions for yourself

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Oh my god yes. What is wrong with you, crack head

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@billymagnum said:

decide for yourself and be proud of the fact that you can make decisions for yourself

But if I now decide for myself I would just be taking your advice which would make the whole thing pointless. THANKS FOR THAT!

I guess I'll just give it a few months and see how I feel about Dark Souls then.

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I haven't beaten the game yet but I'm watching it and it's pretty entertaining. Vinny has a "unique" playstyle, but seeing him pull through is pretty awesome. In fact, watching him and the way he built his character (mainly strength) I decided to try it out and I've been enjoying the game a lot more. Plus, watching him play the game made me get over the damage Demon's Souls did to me (I platinumed the game. Lots of mental damage done) and made me get pretty far.

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@abendlaender: I think you'll have more fun watching it AFTER finishing DaS, when you can reminiscence on your own experiences while watching Vinny go through the same areas etc. Don't spoil the game for yourself, those videos will always be there. ;)

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Better yet, start again and make the same build as V-bomb. He's about soul level 80, rolling with about 40 strength.

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The videos aren't going anywhere. They will still be available on the site 6-8 months from now. Finish Dark Souls, then watch Load Our Last Souls.

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Nine tenths of the fun of Souls games are the holyfuckingshitI'mgoingtodiehorribly!! moments. And then of course getting past them. Watching a play through will totally cut off the game's balls.

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Whenever I tried to play Dark Souls I only got about as far as I'd seen GB guys play before I gave up, I found it pretty stressful not knowing what to do next I guess. After the initial videos when it first came out I ended up waiting until Rorie started playing it on his twitch before I could get any further. Then he stopped doing his stream in July or something and I got stuck at Smough & Ornstein (just before he finished streaming). I left it again and when Vinny picked up his game from not long after S & O then I started playing it again.

I wouldn't be surprised if some other people are like me and I'm still absolutely loving the game and I'd say unless you're 100% going to finish Dark Souls then just watch them. The videos are really hilarious too! People say the fun is in the discovery of things in the game, but Vinny being hilarious when he discovers it is much better than when I might discover it on my own.

I think knowing what's coming and seeing how Vinny will react is probably less fun than being suprised with Vinny. With that said I am going to go into the final boss before I watch Vinny get there though because I imagine that's probably an important part of the game.

I bet everyone here who is suggesting that you play it first are the people who have played it first and so literally can't see it from the other perspective. That being said I can't see it from theirs either but I'm having a blast and I don't think I'd finish that game without it.

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The worst part about Dark Souls is knowing that I'll never again get to play it for the first time.

I was sort of faced with the OP's decision, as well. I'd played through the entire game, got the platinum trophy, but hadn't yet played through the DLC when Vinny decided to take that on. I put the two most recent episodes of LOLS on hold and played through the DLC on my own. I wanted to make sure I fully experienced that content first, by and for myself, before experiencing it vicariously through the play of someone else. LOLS is absolutely great content; it was what finally pushed me to become a subscriber. But as @hacksword said, those videos will always be available. If you truly think you'll finish Dark Souls at some point, then my advice is that LOLS can wait.

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@abendlaender said:

@billymagnum said:

decide for yourself and be proud of the fact that you can make decisions for yourself

But if I now decide for myself I would just be taking your advice which would make the whole thing pointless. THANKS FOR THAT!


but seriously, this whole thing was pointless before i replied anyway lmao

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@abendlaender: if you care about the game don't watch it because it will spoil everything for you and you can always watch it later on archive. If you don't care that much then by all means, it's by far the best content on the site at the moment.

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Maybe it's just me having never played either of these games (Demon's Souls PS+ lies in waiting on my download queue but I doubt I ever get to it, I can't even crack open Dragon's Dogma out of fear of the time commitment) but I always find it kind of...annoying how Rorie and Ian are constantly debating whether to tell Vinny something or not, and the chat going ballistic whenever they do. From the outside looking in, these games have always looked like incredible brutal third person action games and I've had a lot of fun watching people play them, but I don't understand after watching nearly 14 hours of Dark Souls hilarity what makes any of this content particularly sacred.

My recommendation would be to watch it for these reasons:

A) The folks who hold this game in such high esteem consider it some of the site's best non-UPF content in a long time, and I agree with them despite never having any experiences with the series at all.

B) 6-8 months is such a long time ago that if you remembered anything too specific from these live streams, you either weren't intoxicating yourself efficiently enough, weren't laughing hard enough or some poor combination of the two.

C) You get to hear Rorie and Ian constantly nerding it up about minute details of the game while Vinny plays the game like an NFL linebacker and constantly leaves them in shock (especially Rorie, especially in the most recent episode, 7 I believe) when his brute force leads to Big Plays™.

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so are rorie and ian really that terrible in it? (p. sure the answer is no)

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Oh no, they're not bad at all. As a covert geek who plays video games way less than he talks about them and spends most of his day in public life talking about girls, sports, food and drugs, listening to people like Ian and Rorie rattle off seemingly mundane aspects of Dark Souls' mechanics and environments as if they'd just played the exact area Vinny is in moments before is, like, insanely entertaining to me. It's the same reason I watch the Pathfinder stream even though every time I've tried to play a table top RPG I've thrown my hands up in disgust just a few minutes after the character creation part is over. I get to live my secret nerd fantasies vicariously through those two and they're actually two of my favorite people on the site.

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Depends on how you play Dark Souls. By the time I started playing, I've already seen more than half of the game. I knew what all the stats meant, and researched what type of weapons/magic I wanted to use and where to get them. I didn't get the "traditional" Dark Souls experience, but I do think I was able to get the most out of my time spent. You can't spoil everything just by watching. Dark Souls is still a fun game to play and master.

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