Show your favorite Dark Souls character's face screenshot

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Hi everyone.

The purpose of this thread is to show off THE FACE of your character. NOT THE BODY / EQUIPMENT... THE FACE

Why? Because I am a fashion victim in Video Games. But also: It is common knowledge in the souls series that it can be tricky to get a good looking toon because by default, the faces are really...well... average let's say. But I say that for a game in which you never really look at your character's face, DaS HAS THE BEST FACE CUSTUMIZATION SYSTEM I HAVE EVER SEEN (in addition to being the best action RPG so far...)

So please share your favorite creation...It does not have to look gorgeous: some faces are ugly as sin but amazing nonetheless.

I'll start with my latest LadyMondegreen. I tried my best to reproduce a Tyra Banks inspired face and this is what I came up with in the end. This is my first (and hopefully last) character on PS3 that I purchased recently (having sold the XBox on which I created countless toons)

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Pretty he ain't. This is in human form.

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Like in every game I made a dude with red hair and green eyes. Praise the Sun
Current Gear (First time through.)

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I sure love how ugly you made him (well I assume it's a he ^^)
actually I had no idea that you could create this sort of greyish - zombie- like flesh color...and the pitch black done indeed!

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I got really good at making my characters in like, 4 seconds. So they all look the fucking same. Just take a picture of Leon from Resident Evil 4 and you are fairly close.

Also I probably removed my favorite, or maybe he was on 360, can't remember.

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Had to disable DSfix to take the screenshots and my best work is probably on the PS3 version but here are a couple of my characters.

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Put my latest char. in the beautiful as sin category.

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Lady Velka, last creation...I think I am getting better at this !

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@jclane said:

Put my latest char. in the beautiful as sin category.

His face has the attitude needed for a nerve wrecking game like Dark Souls!

"Fuck it, dude."

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@jouseldelka: He's just stuck in an endless trance of being high on green blossoms.

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