SL40 spend 277k souls

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Spoilers i guess

I've just passed the gaping dragon fight (SL40 strength build) and joined the forest hunter covenant, I used the ring to invade, on my third invasion i fought a high leveled player (my backstabs with BKS did only 1/5 his hp) he was being invaded normally by a red dark spirit thingy and was killed and i got 277 524 souls and i don't want to lose them, what should i spend them on? Any help would be appreciated :)

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Cool armour, weapons and levelling up would be my best idea tbh

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@cheesebob: I already upgraded my Zweihander and Claymore to +5 and can't go higher until I find more Large Titanite Shards or get to Sens....... what armour would you suggest upgrading? I have Elite Knight, Stone and that boar head

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Stats son. Just pump up whatever kind of build your going for. Sounds like your going Strength by the sounds of your using a Zweihander so upgrade your STR and possibly your Endurance.

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Unless you have a reason don't push a stat much above 40-50ish, they scale horribly after that. The reason being you either have nothing else to put the points into (probably don't bother in that case) or you have a specific weapon in mind that requires 50 odd strength, there are a few in the game that do.

::EDIT:: You end up not needing to spend points after a while, I was on Newgame 4ish and you just end up with over a million and nothing to do with them.

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@99rage99: Elite Knight and Knight armour are the best armour in the game for defense to weight ratio. Sometimes you might want something heavier or focused on fire or lightning defense. The best for that stuff is in Anor Londo and Demon Ruins. I'd suggest leveling up a pyromancy flame as much as you can. Pyro spells are an excellent addition to any build since pyro is over powered and require no stats. Flash Sweat has gotten me through a number of situations. Other than that pump it into Strength, Endurance or Vitality.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I bought 99 titanite shards and leveled to around 55, then i went and killed Sif and Moonlight Butterfly and level to 60 with those souls :D

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the real secret to a successful dark souls experience is to not be too attached to these little souls...

I am running a lvl 1 run of the game at the moment...and you realize that leveling up is overrated ^^ and that you play much better without stressing too much about those souls you may lose

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