So, are the Royal Woods...

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...Darkroot Garden during the Age of Fire?

Because the entry to them looks EXACTLY like the path to Sif, just backwards. Hell, if you hug the right wall, you can find a run down building that looks like the connection to Alvina's clubhouse (and where the Stone Armour would be). In fact, you can see the building out the window.

Plus, the scarecrows look exactly like what I assumed were "plant people". And the golems.

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Or maybe they are shuffling around those game assets, lol

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You're correct. Darkroot Garden, the Basin, etc used to be the land of Oolacile before it was destroyed hundreds of years prior to Dark Souls. You can see its crumbing ruins in all the forest zones in the game. The things in the environment and item descriptions also gave clues to its backstory.

The entire plot of the DLC is about going back in time to that same place but in a different era. So yeah.

From what I've played,

Sanctuary = where you fight Sif,

Royal Wood = Darkroot Garden,

Oolacile Town = Darkroot Basin (swallowed up by the abyss)... or DB is wherewhere you fight the dragon (not sure yet).

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