So where did you lose your head egg virginity?

#1 Posted by Turambar (7260 posts) -

Mine sprouted up while casting healing aura during the fight against the ceasless demon discharge.  How about you?
....that is a very unfortunate combination of nouns.

#2 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

I joined Chaos Servant the other day and I don't know how to get eggie weggies on my head. :c

#3 Posted by Turambar (7260 posts) -
@Joeyoe31: Kill the egg burdens (dude with eggs sprouting out of his back) and let the worms that come out attack you.  Not sure if you have to die from it or not.
#4 Posted by uniform (1836 posts) -
"If the player kills or harms the witch or one of her daughters of Chaos, the Covenant will be considered broken, and an egg will be implanted on your head."
#5 Edited by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

@Turambar: I'd break the covenant though, and I thought the egg was a punishment for breaking the covenant.

#6 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

I guess I'm a normal daughter of chaos forever. Oh well, I have a badass firespell that I got from the covenant. Might drop for Gravelord so that Papa Nito can love me forever in the afterlife. :3c

#7 Posted by david3cm (677 posts) -

My camp counselor took my head egg virginity, I dont know what this has to do with dark souls though.

#8 Posted by Turambar (7260 posts) -
@Joeyoe31: I don;t think the egg burdens count as part of the convenant, do they?  I dunno, not in it atm.

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