Soliciting advice. (oh no help me!)

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Okay, I'm in the bottom of Blighttown, I got cursed and can't cure it so I have half HP, after numerous attempts I can't make it back to the previous bonfire, and I haven't unlocked warps.

I have nowhere to go, and no way to get there.

What would you do?

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Did you come in through the depths? If so do you know about the backway that you can exit Blighttown by riding the water wheel? That's your best bet.

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If they're still around, kill the blowgun dudes. They don't respawn so make it a suicide run if it will help you...things can't get any worse than they are now.

Another tactic to try is just running past enemies instead of fighting them. Strip down and get nimble then start abusing those i-frames, you'll make it.

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You can also farm the enemies and use your their souls to level up your health and endurance so you can dodge more and live longer. You can also drop your summon sign near the bonfire and wait to get summoned. Kill the boss and use those souls to level yourself up.

You can always get out via the water wheel exit without fighting any bad dudes. Just run by them.

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I love that people still play this game. By the way all that advice above is good, especially the blowdart arseholes. It did take me a while to get comfortable with that area. I put this game to the side while I'm playing DS2 with no spoilers, no looking up of stuff, no weekly check in with brad vinny and rorie although i soo want to. Also playing offline. The first game was kind of ruined for me by the sheer amount of videos i watched. Blighttown is a bitch, you defeated, bro.

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If he doesn't have the master key, he can't really make it back to firelink easily before beating quelaag, right? To OP you can do some of the following.

If you don't have the master key and are in the swamp:

- try to beat quelaag while cursed. This won't be easy, but once you're down by the bottom bonfire by the swamp its actually quite simple to get to quelaag without fighting anything. Hug the wall of the swamp and dodge the fire spidery bugs and fly things (they're pretty slow) and you won't aggro the trolls near the entrance to her lair. Once you kill quelaag you will get the key that opens the shortcut to fire link.

- leave blight town by taking the water wheel up and into drake valley. You can then get back to fire link via a convoluted route through darkroot basin -> darkroot garden -> blacksmith in undead parish -> lift to fire link from church and then to undead moss lady who should sell purging stones. Note that you will have to dodge/kill three troll dudes with clubs, an undead dragon, a couple of drakes, a black knight, some plant dudes and a titanite demon among the usual undead to do so. On the plus side there are a couple of bonfires to hit on the way there.

If you do have the master key:

- Take the water wheel up to drake valley, open the locked gate that leads to new Londo and back into fire link to moss lady for purging stones. No drakes required.

What you should NOT do, but *could* to solve your curse problem is head down the great hollow to ash lake and kill clam dudes for purging stones. However this is really not recommended at all as there are curse inducing frogs in the hollow and a big fucking hydra in the way to the clams.

Good luck!

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If he doesn't have the master key, he can't really make it back to firelink easily before beating quelaag, right? To OP you can do some of the following.

Yes he can, the key is in a chest just before the exit tunnel

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