[Spoilers] Respawning Capras

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So I'm at the part past the Ceaseless Discharge, whom I immediately fought after Quelaag. I just finished killing off the 8 Taurus Demons and I noticed there's some Capra Demons. I killed one, died on the second and OH MY GOD. They respawn?! Shit.

So whatever. I trucked through, baiting and killing them one by one without dying. I'm at the bonfire after you kill off all of the goat heads and that huge-ass worm and I'm wondering...

  1. If I rest/respawn from that bonfire there, the Capra Demons are gonna respawn huh?
  2. Is that worm thing going to respawn too?
  3. What's behind that golden fog gate that the lone Taurus Demon guarding?

The only reason I'm not blazing through is cause I'm not enjoying fighting 8 Capra Demons in a row =/

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I was in the same situation as you are right now, and yes, all of those will respawn. You can venture forth to find an item if you want to, but you can't go through the golden gate just yet. In other words, it's a dead end right now.

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@Timing: What about the worms? They respawn? It would bloody suck cause one of them is directly over the bonfire.

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@White: Yup. They do. Though if you drop down and approach the bonfire from the left side, the worm shouldn't appear, allowing you to rest at the bonfire.

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@Timing: And if I come out of that bonfire?

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@White: It depends. I think if you walk around its spawn point in wide enough angle it shouldn't come out at all. Alternately, if you happen to have the poison mist Pyromancy it should be very easy to take out (provided you have a minute or two to spare).

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@Timing: Poison mist? Where do I get that?

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@White: Sorry man, can't remember. If I find it I'll let you know.

Edit: it's somewhere in the Blighttown swamp. Look for three leeches huddled around a corpse.

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@Timing: Like in the body of poisonous water?

#10 Posted by Timing (634 posts) -

@White: Yeah somewhere down there. I did a quick search and a GameFAQS topic came up that said it was down there. I think I remember finding it there as well, so it's probably true.

That Pyromancy is great for when you want to safely get rid of some of the larger enemies. It won't work on bosses of course.

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