STR weapon with decent defense?

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It's probably not something most players think about, but I'm looking into the best weapons for defense.

I'm starting a run where the challenge is to play barbarian style by relying completely on 2-handing large weapons. I might use shields on my back (grass crest) for their special bonuses, but the goal is to not use shields for blocking.

Obviously, blocking while 2-handing a weapon will never beat a shield, but are there any weapons that seem to block relatively well, even if the damage output isn't the greatest?

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Pressed delete, but the post didn't seem to disappear. Maybe it can't be done with an original post?

Anyway, I think I might have answered my own question by comparing a few weapons. Seems like there is no variation for defense among all weapons within a certain class. So ultra greatswords are the best with 70/10/50/50 (and 44 stability), and obviously fist weapons are the worst.

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Uhm, no? I mean they mitigate SOME damage, but it really is negilible. You are better off going light and depending on dodgerolls and kiteing. Blocking really isn't neccessary if you have good timing, It's definitely hard though.

I pulled off a 2h without shield and only heavy armor build at some point. That was kind of a rollercoaster.... Half the game is retardedly easy, and the other half is WAY harder then it deserves to be or has ever been for that matter. Not doing that again, AND DEFINITELY NOT IN NG+.

EDIT: Picking up an Ultra Greatsword like the Zwei opens up a pretty good tactic where you keep your distance and go in for singlestrike pokes. It's usually enough to break the poise of most enemies and let you fall back while they recover, the greatswords do some good damage in that single hit as well. Going in for a second strike is usually very risky and really not worth it. This was basically the only way for me to beat Fatboy and Slim with Zwei.

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It's not a matter of damage reduction. Ultra great swords do have the best in terms of defense, but they have shit for stability. That is going to be your biggest problem. You can try rocking a full set of +10 giants armor and iron flesh, but that's probably still not going to be enough.

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No prob. I'd never attempt this with a fully-armored tank. Tanks are just tedious to play. Played enough times that I can mostly rely on rolling and sometimes parrying with bare hand. So I'll be putting on very little armor. In true barbarian style, shirtless with a few other pieces for style. Guess I'll have to invest a lot more into HP (I normally don't go higher than 16-18 until I run out of stats I want to spend on).

The weapon blocking is just for backup during those times when rolling is a bad idea (narrow walkways, etc.), or when approaching projectile throwers in case I fail to avoid it.

Either way I expect some challenge. It is a challenge run after all.

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You're better off placing bets on your ability to dodge. As was stated earlier, weapons don't hold up for stability or for any real significant amount of defense.

Good luck with your playthrough, by the by. Sounds like fun.

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If you want this challenge to be interesting then play with low Vit and low stamina (12 or less for both); if not it's one of the easiest ways to play due solely to damage output (also Grass Crest is more than a little broken).

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