Streaming my first ever play through of Dark Souls!

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Figure it was worth posting here on GiantBomb. I've always loved listening/watching Brad, Patrick, and Vinny's playthroughs of DS and they were the reason I've started playing. So far I'm about 2 hours in on the second boss. (Some giant demon death-creator Minotaur with a club.)

I'll be streaming tonight at around 9:45/10:00 EST at Here on twitch if anyone wants to hop in and watch! Light clues are fine, but otherwise I appreciate going in pretty blind. Some minor guidance is encouraged so I'm not running around with a terrible build where I shouldn't be! Feel free to drop by and have some fun. I'll see you there if so! Twitch schedule is listed on my page if you want to check back in again. And if there's enough interest I don't mind sharing my experience through this thread as I go through sorta-blind. Loving it so far though, and excited to play it every time I stream.

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Hey everyone! I'll be streaming in about 10 minutes for an hour or so! Feel free to join, duders.

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Just finished with the stream tonight and made some amazing progress! Also got a better hand at the combat system, experimented more with shield bashing and opening up enemies for attacks which really helped in certain situations. Got some light tips from a fellow Duder that gently nudged some questions in the right direction about systems/mechanics, so thanks to Lazum5 for that! I'll update this again next time I hop on in case anyone else wants to join in on some DS murdering.

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Enjoyed watching the stream! Keep it up!

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Thanks! I made some awesome progress last night. Can't wait to jump back in again tonight (10:30 est!) and get back on track. I swear every time I play I learn 5 different things, it's amazing.

I wont be streaming my normal schedule next week (out of town for March 26,27,28 on my wedding anniversary vacation!). Just a heads up! I'll try to post on twitter for updates on streaming, linked on my twitch page.

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