Sunlight/Darkmoon blade miracles.

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I am doing a pure faith build for the first time. And I am not finding any info on this on either wiki. Are the Sunlight blade and Darkmoon blade miracles only for PvP? Because I have not been able to use either in PvE. It is always greyed out, no matter what. Doesn't matter talisman or weapon in my right hand. It wont let me use it. Either of them. I spent the time getting the darkmoon, couldn't get the damn miracle to work. Got pissed, killed yo to get sunlight. And having the same issue. This is ridiculous.

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Ah, silly me. The talisman has to be in the left hand. I always have it as a secondary in my right hand. And the bow is a secondary in the left. How bu-dumb.

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Yep they work in both. Enchanted (well, not the prefix enchanted, but enchanted with a spell/miracle) +15 weapons are the most powerful thing in the game with enough faith; and you even get 2 different elements. That + Wrath of the Gods and you're basically a monster in PvP (though need a few runs through the game to get more than a handful of wrath casts). You're powerful in PvE too but not quite as overpowered as a sorc.

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Do like Oroboro does and join the falchion master race.

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