The Trailer - Yes it is totally Demon's Souls 2!

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@xyzygy said:
" @onarum said:
" As long as the ps3 version doesn't get hindered by being multiplat I'm fine with that, I just hope they don't streamline it too much because of the 360....  Also it looks like we'll never see how the land of giants looks like after all, I never understood why that stone was broken in the first place, they never explain that, well maybe they will release a DLC for DS after all, at least I hope. "
What are you talking about? It's the same developer, why would they hinder it? And the graphics in DS weren't exactly mind blowing, it's definitely something the 360 could have done. "
yeah, I know, What I meant was that usually, when doing a multiplat the devs get the stupid idea of having the 360 as the lead platform, then making a shitty port for the ps3, which has a way more strict programing requirement, that's why we get such inferior ps3 versions such as bayonetta, RDR, Mafia II etc... if the devs go for the ps3 as the lead platform porting to the 360 is way easier, making sure both versions will be of the same quality.
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