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#51 Posted by bkbroiler (1659 posts) -
@McQuinn Interesting. I only actually have 17 str, I kind of misspoke up there. Is it worth it to pump all those souls in it to wield the zweihander?
#52 Posted by McQuinn (658 posts) -

7 into str? probably not a good idea since there are plenty of good weapon with 16 str requirements unless you want a str build or are looking a specific weapon. Here's what you can do. 2-hand the weapon, see if you like the moveset, then start working towards upgrading and such. The claymore is very well rounded as well and only requires 16 str.

#53 Posted by MrOldboy (1036 posts) -

I'm at a +10 Iaito.

What should I go for from here? Lightning? Or can it go furysword? The wiki says curved swords and the Iaito is in the curved section of the wiki.

#54 Edited by imsh_pl (3474 posts) -
@MrOldboy: I'd go with lighting. I was really looking forward to the furysword, but when I finally made it it turned out it is not nearly as good as even a +1 lightning Uchigatana. A lightning weapon will be better than any scaling one for a long time, and when you finally reach a point when a scaling weapon is more powerful than a non-scaling thunder one you'll have plenty of opportunities to farm the shards and souls required in no time.
#55 Posted by bkbroiler (1659 posts) -

@McQuinn: Perhaps I'll look into that then! Thanks for all your help. I'm running around doing other parts of the game right now so I'm in no hurry to divine it up.

#56 Edited by MrOldboy (1036 posts) -

@imsh_pl: I initially wanted to go lightning, but some of my friends said go with the +15 since it scales. But I have no idea if I want to do a dex build. I'm only SL 35, dex:20 str: 19 so I guess I have time to decide which way to go, but I want to be able to use a variety of weapons.

Any weapons I should look at upgrading or leveling up stats to use? I heard the black knight sword and lightning spear are pretty good upgraded. I have both, but not sure if I want to spend time upgrading them if I got a fully upgraded Iaito already.

#57 Posted by shamroll (158 posts) -

@imsh_pl: Oh sweet Jesus thank you. I own the Dark Souls strategy guide and I'm still kind of stumped about upgrading weapons.

#58 Posted by Syndrom (407 posts) -

i have a laito lightning now and it shreds !

#59 Posted by McQuinn (658 posts) -

@bkbroiler: I totally forgot to ask wether you wanted a faith build or just try out something new in the catacombs so you don't need to deal with skeletons? cus with a faith build def don't waist so much in str for zwei I think.

#60 Posted by Aishan (1039 posts) -
#61 Posted by Syndrom (407 posts) -

how valuable is it to upgrade armor? I mostly use the gold hemmed set cause the mobility, but don't know if i should upgrade it to be honest

#62 Posted by StingerMK2 (398 posts) -

so from this in general i gather short term you should go lightning/fire, long term you should go +15 normal?

im currently loving the halberd at +10, just wondering if it might be worth going lightning with it, or maybe holding out to get precillas soul for the boss weapon upgrade, but having said that i could just use a scythe instead, oh dark souls, why do you hate me so...

#63 Posted by Aishan (1039 posts) -

@Syndrom: It's definitely useful. Just don't waste a slab on a +10 piece.

You can't upgrade the Gold-Hemmed set, but it will eventually get outmatched if you upgrade normal sets.

#64 Posted by Syndrom (407 posts) -

@Aishan said:

@Syndrom: It's definitely useful. Just don't waste a slab on a +10 piece.

You can't upgrade the Gold-Hemmed set, but it will eventually get outmatched if you upgrade normal sets.

what set should i upgrade then? that's the biggest problem cause i don't know what i should upgrade. Also +5 would be maxed?

#65 Posted by bkbroiler (1659 posts) -

@McQuinn: I only have a few points in faith, just enough for the heal miracle. Not planning on putting any more in. I think I'm gonna make a divine claymore and see how that treats me.

#66 Posted by McQuinn (658 posts) -

Where can I get white titanite chunks? also, does anyone have an idea on if Occult weapons or Blessed weapons are better? I'm thinking of going to +40 faith.

#67 Posted by McQuinn (658 posts) -

Anybody? :(

#68 Posted by DoctorWelch (2817 posts) -

@McQuinn said:

Where can I get white titanite chunks? also, does anyone have an idea on if Occult weapons or Blessed weapons are better? I'm thinking of going to +40 faith.

@McQuinn said:

Anybody? :(

Lol. Just look on Dark Souls Wiki. It should have most if not all the information on ores and where to get them.

#69 Posted by Matiaz_Tapia (327 posts) -

@McQuinn: You can farm White titanite chunks from the skull towers in the Tomb of Giants after you get to patches and rescue Reah. There's one While Slab per playthrough, so be careful ( Tomb of Giants again) .

I have the same question about Divine/Occult. On one side, Occult weapons have better Faith scaling, in the other, occult weapons don't help you out with reviving skeletons. I have to wonder what the"dark" element really does in comparison to "divine". As far as weapon damage goes, both count as magic anyways.

#70 Posted by McQuinn (658 posts) -

@Matiaz_Tapia: Yeah, looking at the modifying weapon's before I upgraded, it looked like occult's faith bonus doesn't really help unless you use a mace or blunt weapon. But I know that if you change to occult you actually get 6 more lvls instead of 5 so IDK.

#71 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1751 posts) -

Here's a prettier diagram of the OP: 

#72 Posted by Rayeth (1113 posts) -

Protip: I had been avoiding upgrading armor because it seemed pretty expensive and the weapon upgrades seemed more valuable at the time.

When you spend a little time farming for some Titanite Chunks (these seem to be the hardest part) in lower New Londo you can make some gear out of the Elite Knight set that has better defense values than Havel's Armor. It isn't 100% better, Havel's still has some better Magic and Fire resist values, but the Physical defense stats are certainly better. And given that nearly all the bosses do physical damage even when it looks like they shouldn't (Centipede and Demon Firesage come to mind), it makes it a great investment.

Elite Knight Set owns is what I'm saying.

#73 Posted by McQuinn (658 posts) -

@Rayeth: I think elites knight is weak. Think about it. Every piece of armor+10 requires a slab. Slabs are almost f'ing impossible to get are probably better used to max out your weapon if you need it. So you'll have elites knight armor +9 which I'm not sure but is weaker than havels. There are plenty of armor sets that are stronger than havels, it's just that havels is easy to get. Giant's armor has the highest defense in the game but has a small stamina recovery handycap. Others better than havels is steel, black iron, smough, and clerics. I'd say juggle between these depending on how much weight, defense, and poise you want as well as how many chunks and twinkling titanite you have.

#74 Posted by xyzygy (10592 posts) -

I seriously think you peeps should check out the Black Iron Armor set. When you upgrade it fully the stats are amazing and it's not too heavy. I'm using the Head, Gauntlets and Chest piece with my Black Leather Boots for the noise effect and my guy has almost 400 armor.

#75 Posted by McQuinn (658 posts) -

Anyone who is at the end of NG+ know if normal +15 weapons are worth shit by SL 130 for str builds? The dmg would have to be much greater than an elemental or else I'd rather just max out hp and endurance instead.

#76 Posted by ocdog45 (712 posts) -

I'm at level 104 and have not leveled up any weapons or armor because i don't know how to. this helps a lot thanks. i'm assuming this is kinda the same for armor as well right?

#77 Posted by HotSauceMagik (277 posts) -

How far have you gotten not leveling any weapons at all? Lightening spear? That just seems banana sandwich to me.

#78 Posted by Bass (706 posts) -

@ocdog45: armor can only be upraded linearly. Like, you can't have a "raw" or "lightning" elite knight leggings. Instead, you use just titanite or twinkling titanite to upgrade along a set path (+10 or +5, respectively). But yes, you upgrade it at blacksmiths just like you do with weapons

#79 Posted by mr_ink_5000 (23 posts) -

Thank you very much, think i might make a Divine Claymore You guys have me all mixed up as to what armour to upgrade though

#80 Posted by benspyda (2109 posts) -

I just stuck with the fury sword because of its DEX and humanity scaling plus mad fire damage. It made the last boss trivial. Anyone know it holds up for NG+ games.

#81 Posted by Deusx (1938 posts) -

Guys... I'm in need of some serious help.

I'm all for katanas in this game. I just got the iaito and I don't know if I should go +15 or +5 lightning. I heard the iaito+15 does 410 dmg plus A dex scaling (planing on 40). On the other hand, the lightning does 488 dmg. Is this correct? Wich one does more damage in the end?

Also, what kind of magic do you recommend a pure dex build like mine? I was thinking pyro due to the fact that the basic spells do not scale with stats. What do you think?

EDIT: Someone just told me I will do more damage with lightning or fire iaito than +15 even with A dex scaling is that true? Thanks in advance.

#82 Posted by VanderSEXXX (564 posts) -

@Deusx: I built mine with just the +15 upgrade since you can enchant it to make it even stronger than its lightning and fire counterparts. However in some cases especially if your opponent is wearing minimal armor then the lightning, fire or chaos upgrades do really well.

Here's how I did my Katana Swordsman Build. I quite happy I managed to beat several invaders with just that.

#83 Posted by Lukeweizer (3056 posts) -

Is there a consensus as to which paths are best? I hear a lot about divine, are many enemies weak to it? Would a fire weapon and a divine weapon be a good combo?

#84 Posted by Daze (71 posts) -

@lukeweizer: Divine weapons are pretty much a must in the catacombs because it stops the skeletons from coming back to life. Generally chaos, with 10 humanity, and lightening deal the best damage with fire slightly behind. If you want the exact numbers got to http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/Weapons (some weapons do not have the exact figures but you can get a good estimate).

#85 Posted by MikeLemmer (769 posts) -

Is it worthwhile at all to make Raw weapons instead of Normal weapons +15? I originally thought Raw weapons would be better if I had low stats, but you can only upgrade Raws 10x compared to 15x for Normals.

#86 Posted by Apsup (40 posts) -

@mikelemmer: I honestly don't see a single reason for using Raw weapon. Maybe if you have low stats and absolutely refuse using chaos, or elemental type weapon, but that's just silly.

#87 Posted by RonGalaxy (3585 posts) -

Here's another chart that I found. It doesnt go into as much detail as the OP chart, but this one is easier to follow.

Tells you what you need to upgrade and where to do it. I use this in tandem with the OP charts explanations of what some of the stuff means.

#88 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (877 posts) -

@narujoe93 I kinda like that one better

So, here's a question. I'm playing an INT build using a Magic Longsword +5. I don't know if it's better to go Magic+10 or Enchanted+5. Does the answer vary from weapon to weapon? Or is it just impossible to say?

#89 Posted by Savage (434 posts) -

@hippie_genocide: In general, the difference between the Magic and Enchanted upgrade paths is that Magic has higher base damage with lower Int scaling while Enchanted is the reverse. This means that Magic is better if you have relatively low Int while Enchanted is better if you have high Int. Since you're playing an Int build, you probably have high Int, so you should go with Enchanted.

#90 Posted by Reisz (1604 posts) -

If there was a working laboratory of Dark Souls scientists. This would go on the wall right next to their Occupational Health and Safety notices. It's perfect.

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