Upgrading, how does it work?

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I havent relly understood the upgrading system fully. So i wanted to hear if anyone had some suggestions on how to spend em. 

Im playing a heavy melee class, switching between sword and board and 2h. Im currently lvl 24, rang the first bell, got lost in the forest and ended up killing the butterfly. Im now with the Drakes and figuring out that im not quite good enough to kill all of those yet. 

My current gear is:

Drake Sword 
Grass chest Shield  
Fang Boar Helmet  
Elite Knight armour  
Elite Knight leggings  
Hard leather gauntlets  

I got 3 x titanite shards, 2 x titanite chinks, 1 x blue titanite chunk and 2 Twinkling titanite shards.

Now the description is that all these reinforce different items, and i see they increase the stats. So should i just reinforce what i can (like my helmet and armour). Or should i hold off til i get some better equipment? I see i cant upgrade the drake sword without a dragon scale, so is there another weapon i should be looking out for? 
EDIT: I also got an Devine Ember.
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With magnets.

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This image might help.

Edit- Urgh, thats as big as i can make it.

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@Immuniity: Where you get that? I'm sure the source has to be larger.

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@Immuniity said:

 Urgh, thats as big as i can make it.

@White said:

@Immuniity: I'm sure the source has to be larger.

 That's what she said.
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Its been floating for a few days. The version i have is perfectly resonable im just having a hard time making it so while embedded.

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@White said:

@Immuniity: Where you get that? I'm sure the source has to be larger.

If you copy the URL and take out the "_super" part you can see it fine.

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