What are the new items and armor in the PC edition?

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So like the title says what are the new items and armor in the game.

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^Does have spoilers contrary to its name.

Wiki forums has a very detailed information but i'll give you the rundown:

Calamity Ring (Take double damage, not benefit, used for manlyness)

Hello/I'm Sorry/Very Good Carving (Says these things with words and a voice)

Silver Pendant (Temporarily blocks dark magic)

Broken Pendant (Needed to access DLC)

Dark Silver Tracer (Dagger)

Gold Tracer (Curved Sword, does things differently with Dark Silver Tracer and is the weapon of Ciaran)

Four Prong Plow (Like a three pronged plow, but with one more)

Obsidian Greatsword (Big sword from cutting off new dragon enemy)

Abyss Sword (New sword of Artorias (old sword still there but this is the one he uses as an enemy))

New whip from cutting tail of this chimera looking thing

Gough's Greatbow (Shoots dragonslayer or greatarrows)

Cleansing Greatshield (New shield of Artorias (same as above, old shield still there but this one he uses)

Manus Catalyst (Catalyst from one of the new bosses, similar effect to Tin Crystal Catalyst but also does 190 phys damage)

Bloated Head (think of the egg thing but bigger)

Bloated Sorcere Head (no idea)

Snickering Top Hat (Top Hat of a new NPC with a grin on it)

Guardian Set (Armor of the guardians... whatever they are)

Artorias Set (Armor of... well Artorias)

Something Better Than Naked (Copied off wiki, this is the name they give it. I believe it's the armor of one of the new NPCs)

That Other Guy's Armor (Another NPC armor I believe)

There are a couple of new sorceries and pyromancies that do physical damage as well.

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