What are your weapons of choice.

#1 Posted by Theresonlyone (211 posts) -

I've just beaten the twin bosses and after suffering with troublesome/bad weapons for ages I think it's finally sorted it out.

  • Lightning Spear +5
  • Quelaag Furysword +5
  • Dragon Greatsword
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  • Lightning Greatsword +5
  • Lightning Gargoyle Tailaxe +5
  • Chaos Estoc +5

If I keep on playing NG+, I'll be going for the Dragon Bone Fist (Iron Golem Soul Craft). Might just get the Dragon Scales together to get it to +5 without joining a bothersome Dragon Fightclub (where would I even go to find out about and make contact with the local Dragon Fightclub?). The weapon does an actual Dragonpunch on L2 and has an A rating for scaling on STR; it might actually do good DPS when it's fully upgraded.

Here's a taste of it...

#3 Posted by Three0neFive (2298 posts) -

I must be playing it wrong or something, but I've had very little trouble so far with my Longsword +5

#4 Posted by Vigil80 (456 posts) -

Lightning partizan +5. Still trying things out to see what else I like, but a spear-class weapon is a must.

I like the partizan over other spears because the strong attack is a wide angle sweep. Overcomes some of the weakness of a pinpoint weapon.

#5 Posted by azrailx (477 posts) -

golems axe +5

#6 Posted by Mrsignerman44 (1105 posts) -

My Zweihander+10 is serving me well so far.

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I'm having a hard time finding a weapon move-set that I really like.  There's nothing that feels as satisfying as the Halberd/Mirdan Hammer weapons of Demon's Souls.  I started toying with some greatsword-type weapons and I kind of like the feel of them.  The way the regular and strong attacks flow into each other give them a nice rhythm, but I still don't really know what direction I want to take my character in.
Currently, I have:
- Quelaag's Furysword +5
- Man-serpent Greatsword +10
- Lightning Spear +3
- Divine Claymore (I just made this to clear out the Necromancers in the Catacombs).
Of course, none of those are as capable as my ultimate weapon:
- Pyromancy Flame +15



My Zweihander+10 is serving me well so far.

You wouldn't happen to have a somewhat leveled up Greatsword as well?  I'm thinking about possibly switching to either the Greatsword or the Zweihander if my Man-serpent Greatsword starts to feel a little weak, but I'm unsure which of those two swords I should invest souls/shards in.
#8 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6652 posts) -

I was using the Gargoyle axe and Lightning spear but I just found this fucking Scythe and i want to see how much I can get out of it.

#9 Posted by musclerider (633 posts) -

Lightning Iaito +5

What if all the damage?

#10 Posted by Canteu (2844 posts) -

My Demon's Great Hammer + 15 is really all i need. Fuck your lightning your non scaling bitches. Cower before my mighty 800 regular and 1100 crits.

#11 Posted by gla55jAw (2763 posts) -

Finally got past the Drake Sword with my Man-Serpent Greatsword +6

#12 Edited by Jimi (1148 posts) -

Quelaag Fury Sword +5

Lightning Uchigatana +5

Jagged Ghost Blade

Astora's Straight Sword

Long Bow +5

I play a dex build with enough faith to use miracles and the straight sword for when you need a divine weapon. These weapons have been great so far for any situation.

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@Spoonman671 said:


My Zweihander+10 is serving me well so far.

You wouldn't happen to have a somewhat leveled up Greatsword as well? I'm thinking about possibly switching to either the Greatsword or the Zweihander if my Man-serpent Greatsword starts to feel a little weak, but I'm unsure which of those two swords I should invest souls/shards in.

I have a Greatsword+2, but I didn't really invest shards into it for a few reasons.

1. The Greatsword's 2h thrust is just useless to me, some people like it though.

2. The Zweihander has an insanely big primary arc(R1), it seriously helps against fog ring dudes.

3. Most might not agree with me but the Zweihander feels better, its slower, but its oh so satisfying.

4.1h Zweihander makes you look LIKE A BOSS :P

#14 Posted by Allison (272 posts) -

I've been using a Lightning Great Scythe which is GREAT for mopping up dudes, and the R2 is super big for any Fog Rings that happen to invade me.

In Demon's Souls I really liked using the Meat Cleaver, but sadly there isn't anything nearly as broken stat-wise in Dark Souls so I'm just kind of building a giant cache of weapons and'll figure out what I want to stick with later.

But then I see stuff like the Dragon Bone Fist and really want to make a Punch Knight. Oh gooood.

#15 Posted by MiniPato (2805 posts) -

Ever since I found the lightning spear I've stuck with it till the end of the game.

#16 Posted by Animasta (14818 posts) -

I got a divine claymore +2 that's pretty dope.

#17 Posted by ajamafalous (12345 posts) -


#18 Posted by gerrid (397 posts) -

I just got the Lightning Spear and upgraded it to +3

its better than my claymore +7 which makes me a bit sad. I love that badboy since I switched to it to murder Sif. It scales with strength though so eventually it'll be better. Eventually.

I also like the Iaito but only have 20 Dex so dunno what I'll do with that.

#19 Posted by imsh_pl (3467 posts) -

Uchigatana +10 so far.
A question... does the uchigatana count as a curved weapon so I can upgrade it to the fury sword? Or will I have to upgrade a scimitar from the beginning?

#20 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -

Is it possible to upgrade more than one weapon to lightning? Or should I just find one I really like and only focus on that?

#21 Posted by envane (1188 posts) -

magic winged spear +10 () , or a +15 great scythe with crystal magic weapon (772 total attack) for my dex int build (was my main build in demons souls but lack of real good weapons akin to my old moon winged spear was abit of a disapointment)

casting 1200+ damage , crystal soul spears and crystal homing soulmasses is pretty good tho .. even high magic resist builds take massive damage

lightning is cool but with all extra damage types i can forsee high resistance builds becoming more popular as there is no easy "dark silver shield+5" for blocking magic damage now .. fire and lightning both are a bit easier to get resistance for

i need to try to get seathes tail weapon this time round tho.. the moonlight greatsword .. probably not as good as a +15 greatsword with magic weapon on it .. but its interesting.

#22 Posted by Stahlbrand (887 posts) -

I'm 3/4 to 4/5ths complete on my first playthough with a DEX melee fighter, using the lightning spear and the Furysword.

I'm raising my DEX again, so eventually I'm going to transition to my +15 Winged Spear, and I'm also working on upgrading a Notched Whip to +15, I think the DEX scaling and the 300 points of bleeding damage should be interesting, also its a fucking whip yo.

#23 Posted by envane (1188 posts) -

dex scaling definately isnt as evil as it was in demons souls , scaling past 50 in dex seems to flatline with even the best dex scalign weapons i found , so id guess that thats the same with other stat scaling , does seem to be alot more cooler dex weapons this time around so i guess thats a balance

one thing for sure lightning is pretty overpowered despite its drop in stat scaling , the other kinds seem a lot less damaging and pretty much everything is "weak" to lightning , but thats why im going for the most lightning resistance i can muster

#24 Posted by SirDancelot (87 posts) -

I rocked the Black Knight Halberd +5, took out Lord Gwyn in about 4 or 5 counter-attacks. That thing can 1 hit most enemies by the end with a crit, or a strong attack.

#25 Posted by DanteFaustEsq (116 posts) -

Now that I've finally mastered the art of counter and repose I've been using Richards Rapier+5 in my left hand and a black knights sword in my right along with the Hornet ring, that way my crits will kill just about any normal enemy in one shot, I'm also a fan of using the slumbering dragoncrest ring and the hidden body spell.

#26 Posted by TotalEklypse (982 posts) -

Have all of them. I switch around a lot lately. I tend to fall back on artorias swords or lightning based ones.

#27 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Everyone's using lightning weapons, so I'm not. 
This +10

#28 Posted by Rexicon (104 posts) -

DragonSlayer Spear covered in Ornstein's Armor or gtfo.

#29 Posted by RuneseekerMireille (330 posts) -

I use a Scythe, and Pyromancy. Liking it so far: Nice wide AoE with the Scythe, potent single target magic damage with Pyromancy.

#30 Posted by iamLEG10N (75 posts) -

@ajamafalous said:

Oh man. This made my day. =D

#31 Posted by Theresonlyone (211 posts) -

I just got the Silver Knight's Spear and I really love the way it looks and handles, I really wish it was stronger.

#32 Posted by Matoya (449 posts) -

Black Knight Sword +5 atm, its a nightmare to upgrade beyond that.

My problem is the lightning spear +5 I have. I don't want to use it, but you'd be a fucking idiot not to use lightning, it scales so well

#33 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Right now a Lightning Serpent-man Greatsword +3. Working to get it to +5. I also want to get a Lightning Uchigatana +5 and Queelag's Fury +5

#34 Posted by Spoonman671 (4964 posts) -
@imsh_pl said:
Uchigatana +10 so far.  A question... does the uchigatana count as a curved weapon so I can upgrade it to the fury sword? Or will I have to upgrade a scimitar from the beginning?
 The Uchigatana is a katana-type weapon, but you can still upgrade it using Quelaag's Soul.  Instead of Quelaag's Furysword you'll make the Chaos Blade instead.  I don't know too much about this weapon, but my understanding is that it works similarly to the Hiltless from Demon's Souls, in that it does a small amount of damage to you whenever you attack.  It also has the chaos property, which scales damage with the amount of humanity you have.
#35 Posted by imsh_pl (3467 posts) -
@Spoonman671: Ugh, that's what I feared >_< I'll have to farm some ores to upgrade a falchion to get the furysword...

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