What armors/weapons are good for the Pyromancer class?

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What armors and weapons are the best for the Pyromancer? I am currently a level 26 Pyromancer and need some decent armors, because I still only have my normal clothes from the beginning. I try not to wear heavy armors. I do have the Elite Knight Armor, but it's too clunky to move and dodge with it. I also only use the Drake Sword (real special there) and it seems like i'm cheating in a way. It seems sorta too easy with the Drake Sword at times. Are there any weapons that are really good and are a decent requirement to be used? I also have some shards and a Blue Titanite Shard. I also heard that the Demon Great Machete was good as well if you level it up. Any suggestions?

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There isn't just one set of armor that is good for one specific class. You either want to roll fast or not. I don't know where exactly you are in the game so I can't really recommend any weapons or armor that may be close to you, but if you're done with Blighttown and have rung the second bell, you should go down the flight of stairs and go outside, (Demon Ruins is what it's called I think) ignoring the bonfire, run towards the white fog gate. Go into the gate and run all the way to the back of the cliff area and pick up the armor. It's nice and light, has good defense against everything, and looks pretty cool. The boss will wake up but don't worry. Just run back to the fog gate and he will start hanging off the ledge. Just hit his hand thing a few times and he'll fall. Use a homeward bone to go back to your last bonfire and congratulate yourself on a job well done as you got some souls and cool robes. As for a good weapon, just wait until Sen's Fortress. A mimic chest is there (actually there's a couple if I remember right) that will drop a lightning spear. Feel free to level it up some as it's really good and you'll probably be using it for a while. I also recommend going to Darkroot Basin and fighting Havel to get his ring. (He is in the same tower that you were in when getting ready to fight the Taurus Demon, it is also near a Hydra if you are coming in through the Darkroot Garden way) It ups your equip load enough that you'll probably be able to roll with any armor as long as you aren't carrying two weapon and a heavy shield. 120 hours in and I haven't ever taken that ring off. You won't have a problem using that Elite Knight Armor any more. Since you're a pyromancer, I hope that, if you've gone into the Depths yet, you saved that other pyromancer, but other then him there is a chick at the bottom of Blighttown you should loacte. She's pretty easy to find as she's sitting right on a piece of land across from Quelaag's Domain.

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I mix and match my armor as a pyro also, but it took me a long time to find something decent agreed. Once you get through Undead Parish go down to Darkroot Garden, Basin, and Forest. There's armor sets lieing all over down there...plenty of enemies too, but worth the runs even if they are suicides.

As far as weapons, I've settled on the Zweihander that you can recover from the graveyard in Firelink. Takes some investment in strength and endurance but once upgraded it gets beastly. There are many, many choices though. Just make your way through the game and you'll find all kinds of stuff and that's the fun anyway, upgrading and ascending etc.. Also remember that standard weapons scale with your skills, so use a weapon that works w/your build. And don't worry about the Drakesword, it'll become obsolete sooner than you think.

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@Zacagawea: I'm where those curse frog things are currently. And i'm also close to where I can enter blight town, I think I heard something about Crimson Gear armor or something that seemed pretty nice.

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@RageGunslinger said:

@Zacagawea: I'm where those curse frog things are currently. And i'm also close to where I can enter blight town, I think I heard something about Crimson Gear armor or something that seemed pretty nice.

After you kill Blighttown's boss, there is a side area full of lava. There is a boss down there that isn't hostile right away, and he's looking over basically the best light armor in the game, the Gold Hemmed Black Robes.

Honestly, since Pyromancy doesn't require any stats investment, you can have any build and benefit from it.

As for weapons, I used the Drake Sword like most players, transitioned to the Lightning Spear, and then settled on the Black Knight Sword. That said, with enough upgrading, you'll be hard-pressed to find a weapon that doesn't become pretty alright. Find something that you like the attack style of.

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Kill Havel the Rock in the tower that connects Undead Burg and Darkroot Gardens and get his ring. That will boost your Equip burden so that you can wear heavy armor and still roll. You want you equip burden to be 1/2 you max for better rolls. So if you equip burden is 88.0 you want no more than 44.0/88.0 for faster rolls. 45.0/88.0 will have you rolling at a burdened rate.

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I don't think it matters too much what armor you wear as long as it 1. Is light enough to let you roll quick 2. Is fairly well-balanced stat-wise and 3. Looks awesome. I'm using some of my starting armor still and I am in Blighttown. Just upgrade the best stuff you currently have and try to find a good matching set.

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Scythe all the way! I like using the Lifehunt Scythe, though it's completely impractical (I like the look). The Chaos Scythe, or the Lightning Great Scythe would also be very good choices.

Scythe + pyromancy = win!

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