What kind of character are you playing? What makes it appealing?

#1 Posted by t3h_d0n (12 posts) -

I started the game as a thief. I really like the speed and agility of the character. Being able to get behind enemies quickly is a plus. Taking on a group of enemies, dodging, backstabbing, and parrying...just awesome!

#2 Posted by MikeGosot (3235 posts) -

Bandit. Because i love shields. And Bandit seemed like the kind of class where you could focus on being an invincible tank. I know there are other classes like that, but the bandit looked way more awesome.

#3 Posted by BobaF3tt (32 posts) -

I started as a Knight. I just really like playing as a hero in a hulking suit of armour.

#4 Posted by MentalDisruption (1744 posts) -

I actually have three at the moment :o. A str based pyromancer. Brute force is just plain fun, and fire spells greatly please my inner pyromaniac. A faith build, healing miracles are cool and throwing the spell you get from a certain covenant makes me feel like Zeus. And finally as pure of a mage as I can make in this game. I'm more of a caster player so throwing out spells is fun, just wish there was more variety in offensive spell types, animations, and whatnot (i realize this isn't a dnd game or whatever though).

#5 Posted by Itwastuesday (1067 posts) -

I'm level 32ish now and I've built my character around a mix of melee stats and faith. I have heal, greater heal, and homeward, my bread and butter is a divine claymore +5 and a halberd +10 (for enemies with low phys resist, besides that I just love the range). I always end up picking Magic Sword Man in all RPGs I play. In any game where I get cheeky and think maybe for a moment that I won't play Magic Sword Man, and I pick a rogue or a wizard, I am always quickly reminded that I should have picked Magic Sword Man.

#6 Posted by SmiteOfHand (99 posts) -

I went warrior as with just about any RPG my first go through I like to go tank. Not a single soul will go into any magicy mumbo-jumbo. I will probably go either a magic leaning character or thief next.

#7 Posted by Spoonman671 (5047 posts) -

I use a Pyromancer.  I've maxed out my Pyromancer's Flame and have two copies of Fireball so I set a lot of shit on fire.  I haven't really found a weapon that suits me, so I've pretty much been using whatever is currently my strongest.  Right now it's a Lightning Spear.

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Thief, mostly because that's what I played in Demon's Souls so I thought I'd just stick with it. Speed is nice, but I've mostly been playing sword and board since I got a really great sword.

#9 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (907 posts) -

I'm a lvl 43 bandit. How did I come to this character, you ask? Well, I was recently (re)watching Game of Thrones, and the initial character set-up for the Bandit reminded me of Khal Drogo, also axes are cool. So I went as Khal Drogo, I mean Bandit.

Here's some axe-related trivia for you. Did you know that the edge of an axe-blade is referred to as a smile? Did you also know that axes are far more complex weapons to properly use as opposed to a sword. Many reckon that an axe is a brutal, yet simplistic weapon where-as a sword is something to be mastered. This is the exact opposite in truth, for an axe has a much smaller blade, and tendencially only a single edged side. Fighting with an axe is, much like chess, all about predicting your enemy's moves and taking advantage of the highly focused damage-capabilities of the smile which, due to the weight and force all being centered on one point, adds so much more destructive inertia simply by swinging it. Axe-fighting is about circular patterns where as any fool can wave a sword around. Hell, you can even stab with a sword. (THE POINTY EDGE! USE THE POINTY EDGE!)

It's something of an obsessionary archetype for me in games, a quick character, that uses a heavy-impact weapon that makes positioning and tactical awareness the key to victory (in other words, BACKSTAB, BACKSTAB, BACKSTAB!), but with enough protection to last himself a while.

(As opposed to getting killed from a scratch. Seriously, Drogo.)

A D&D Barbarian, in other words. As long as I can call him a Viking and believe it, I'm satisfied.

So far, I've built my character around STR, END and VIT in that order. No magic, no miracles, saving that for another play-through. Besides, magic is for pussies. Game with this great combat shouldn't be pew-pew'd through.

Currently using a great axe, a hollow soldier shield (Why is this one better than all the others? Why?! I killed a fucking undead dragon and got a shield that was worse for it.) And at the moment, the armour set you get from Ceaseless Discharge. (Most disgusting boss name ever. No wonder he seems so cranky.) Which basically makes me look like a Ring-Wraith from LOTR. Hell, I tried equipping a Zweihander, would have fooled Gandalf himself. But not Tyrion, no..

#10 Edited by TranceQuina (190 posts) -

I'm playing as a sorcerer. Dark Souls seems more welcoming of this playstyle than Demon's Souls was. I like the new "number of uses" system more than the mana system in the last game, and I like that getting new spells is now as simple as buying them. I've bought 3 copies of Soul Arrow now so I can stack them for a total of 90 uses, and now I don't have to conserve them and have basically kissed melee goodbye. Not to say that I don't enjoy the melee a lot, I just like to keep as focused of a character as I can.

Anyway, only putting levels into intelligence and attunement for about 25 levels now has been very easygoing and non-stressful; I'm never worried about being poorly balanced. However, there's these damn dogs that leap at you that I'm probably having more trouble with than I should, and wonderfully, two of them accompany the boss I'm trying to get past right now. Other than that, everything else has been more or less a breeze.

If I try another character seriously it might be a cleric, though I'm afraid I might stress out too much about stat balancing...

#11 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5773 posts) -
@t3h_d0n said:

I started the game as a thief. I really like the speed and agility of the character. Being able to get behind enemies quickly is a plus. Taking on a group of enemies, dodging, backstabbing, and parrying...just awesome!

#12 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

I started as a thief for the mobility and master key. I intended to and did turn it into a warrior type with heavy armour and using a certain ring, still able to roll as I did with light armour.

#13 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19818 posts) -

Level 43 pure Sorcerer. I only use magic, no physical attacks, and what makes it appealing is high damage output, mobility and the fact that I'm using freaking magic.

#14 Posted by johe0 (58 posts) -

Playing as a Strength based pyromancer, with a big shield, a spear, and super heavy armor. I like being able to block, attack , and block again without taking damage, and only taking a little if anything gets through. And pyromancy has the poison spell that lets you just walk away and let a super tough enemy die without your help.

#15 Posted by Mrsignerman44 (1105 posts) -

Knight, because I love being a tank.

#16 Posted by Ghost249 (259 posts) -

Played Knight because being the Iconic character on the cove (minus some of my own touches in Dark Souls, Example Elite knight everything but chest wearing starter gear chest) and running around doing medium rolls instead of fat rolls and kicking ass while looking amazing.

#17 Posted by MiniPato (2807 posts) -

I chose a thief. I like the dagger he starts out with. Does 30% damage to an opponent's health after several strikes, usually 3-4. So I can take down tough enemies early on, though it takes some finesse. I've found the dagger to be waning in usefulness though, opting for more of a turtle character with my lightning spear and crest shield and Havel's armor.

#18 Posted by AlKusanagi (1129 posts) -

Playing a Wanderer with Pyromancer abilities since I'm a fan of the whole "ronin" archetype. And also fire.

#19 Posted by TobbRobb (5136 posts) -

I've been rolling without a guide "heard about the drake sword though". So my first character has been an insane experiment where I just try everything. Mostly I've been rolling with a scimitar and dragon crest shield and defaukt wanderer armor, using a healthy mix of dodging and blocking.
I really like the lone wolf archetype, heading off into the unkown with only the scraps you are wearing, in a world where no one is to be trusted. Therefore, this game is great.

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Thief because he had the highest dex.

#21 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6652 posts) -

I started as Pyromancer and then built faith so I could take advantage of this mother fucking divine spear I farmed the shit out of slimes to make.
I will be king of the Gravelords.

#22 Posted by CornBREDX (6577 posts) -

I chose the cleric, although I can't say for sure that I'm playing purely like a cleric. I'm playing it more like a paladin.

Anyway, I really like the mace he starts with (I still use it, haven't found a better weapon I want to use besides the one everyone has but realistically the mace you start with upgrades to +5 can actually at times be even better then that sword) and the parry riposte/back stab animations are really satisfying.

So in conclusion I wish there was more maces. Lot of cool swords (even got a big sword from one of the Black Knights or whatever they're called) and some neat pikes and whatnot. Not a lot of maces though. The only other mace I have found so far is the spiked one and its not nearly as good.

Anyways, I am really enjoying it.

#23 Posted by Humanity (11641 posts) -

Pyromancer because I could allocate most stat points from the beginning and the fire spells are a good copout in tough situations.

Now when I finally find that trainer maybe we can get some upgrades.

#24 Posted by HODGEY3000 (343 posts) -

the bandit

#25 Posted by Jonathan_Strange (7 posts) -

I started out as a Bandit which is a big time switch for me in an RPG. I typically play a high dexterity "stealth" class like an Assassin or Thief, but I'm growing tired of that play style. Wielding an Ax looked too awesome to pass up, so here I sit.

#26 Posted by Tesla (2007 posts) -

Sorcerer for me, because I find being able to deal a lot of damage from a distance very useful in this game.

#27 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

I'm playing strength/faith. It started rough, but having lightning bolts helps

#28 Posted by TekZero (2857 posts) -

I never gave the thief much thought since I heard that was a hard class to start with. Since playing with shield was the "safer" choice. When I get home, I might have to try that out. But my first class I'm intending on playing with a Bandit.

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