What's your play time and soul level right now?

#1 Posted by Centimani (550 posts) -

I'm at level 37, 21 hours in.


#2 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19377 posts) -
  • Level 22
  • 5 hours, 6 minutes and 28 seconds in.
  • Sorcerer
#3 Posted by Vitalise (10 posts) -

I am 14 hours in and a level 34 Knight. Absolutely loving the game!

#4 Edited by Mrsignerman44 (1100 posts) -

12 hours...lvl 19 Knight, I lose souls too often :(

#5 Posted by Bocam (3809 posts) -

7 hours, Level 36 Knight

#6 Posted by supermike6 (3611 posts) -

5 hours, Level 15. I'm really bad.

#7 Posted by jozzy (2042 posts) -

16 hours, level 26.

#8 Posted by musclerider (591 posts) -

9 hours, level 32 Deprived.

Already had to restart the game twice so I had the beginning part down to a science this time around.

Attempt 1: Made it to gargoyles but had killed the merchants so I was totally effed.

Attempt 2: Made it to gargoyles but had picked Wanderer instead of Deprived so I didn't feel manly enough to keep going.

#9 Posted by Spungey (1 posts) -

5 hours

Level 1

Yes, im serious :(

#10 Posted by pubbles (146 posts) -

Level 24 8 hours in.

#11 Posted by Nentisys (897 posts) -

Level 19, 10 hours in.

#12 Posted by James5955 (70 posts) -

Level 28 in 18 hours, but a solid 5 or so hours spent messing around on the computer while sitting at bonfires. Have ~75k souls right now, will become level 38 when I decide where to place the stat points.

#13 Posted by Timing (624 posts) -

46 hours, level 72. I can go fight the final boss right now, but I won't yet.

#14 Posted by uniform (1838 posts) -

Over 20 hours, level 21. Yeah, I don't know what to say..this game is kicking my ass. What's really sad is I'm a veteran of Demon's Souls. I'm one of those people that constantly claimed it's not hard, and to me, Demon's Souls wasn't hard. I don't think I have the patience I once did with Demon's Souls. I can never seem to spend my Souls to level, losing thousands at a time, all because I hate backtracking to bonfires. I never have more than one humanity, and can never keep my human form longer than 10 minutes at a time. I'm basically always playing as a silly blue skinned zombie.

#15 Posted by sungahymn (1034 posts) -

0 (haven't played yet)

I'm gonna play knight or warrior.

I wonder which is better?

#16 Posted by Cowmeat (142 posts) -

30 hours, level 56

#17 Posted by DonChipotle (2810 posts) -

4 Hours Level 21.

I finally settles on Bandit as my go-to class so I breezed through the early sections.

#18 Posted by Nadril (541 posts) -

Like 19 hours, lvl 33. 
I lost so many souls the other day trying to go through blightown while cursed. /

#19 Posted by Turambar (6849 posts) -

About 15 hours in, lv 23.  I dick around a lot, seeing how many ways I can die.

#20 Posted by Animasta (14718 posts) -

16 hours in, level 26 I think.

fuck being cursed

#21 Posted by xXxLYNCHxXx (162 posts) -

Level 22 Cleric. My game clock says 20hrs... But I left it idle a couple time, probably closer to 14-15 hrs.

#22 Posted by Jeffsekai (7049 posts) -

18 hrs in lvl 46 as a knight

#23 Posted by Synful303 (15 posts) -

8 hours, level 18 warrior. Too busy losing souls to level...

#24 Posted by TheWyotee93 (187 posts) -

Level 18 or so at 9 hours. 4 hours of grinding is to blame for that. Im so nervous to go to the damn frogs i'm hearing so much about though.

#25 Posted by SpartyOn (500 posts) -

@Jeffsekai said:

18 hrs in lvl 46 as a knight

Tell me how or I am calling you a liar! (Actually I just really want to know how to level up that fast)

I'm 19 hours in, lvl 35 knight

#26 Posted by MetalBaofu (1432 posts) -

I'm at about 11 or 12 hours and level 30 with my bandit. Only reason I'm level 30 is that I spent all the souls I got from the gaping dragon to level up.

@TheWyotee93 said:

Level 18 or so at 9 hours. 4 hours of grinding is to blame for that. Im so nervous to go to the damn frogs i'm hearing so much about though.

The frogs weren't as bad as I was expecting after reading about them. Just get the hell out of the smoke/fog crap they emit. That being said.....I really did not like fighting them.

#27 Posted by n3cromung3r (9 posts) -

30 hours, level 50

#28 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19377 posts) -

15 hours in, level 38.

#29 Posted by WithoutRemorse (17 posts) -

Level 43 and 23 hours in. I have not needed to grind yet, but it seems like I am going to have problems moving forward unless I forge a Divine Weapon.

#30 Posted by CornBREDX (5838 posts) -


Level 17

I feel like I got the hang of this game now too although I just rang the first bell. Gonna head down tomorrow although I think I'm gonna explore a few things first. This ring of Favor and Protection makes a world of difference too. All around really enjoying this game- was frustrating at first but I feel pretty comfortable with it now.

#31 Posted by Odeeze (31 posts) -

7 hours lvl 41

#32 Edited by JacDG (2128 posts) -

@TheWyotee93 said:

Level 18 or so at 9 hours. 4 hours of grinding is to blame for that. Im so nervous to go to the damn frogs i'm hearing so much about though.

Found a shortcut past them, not sure if they are other places than in the sewers, but they are completely avoidable down there (:

Anywho, I'm level 31, and just past 12 hours in playtime, going to go to Blighttown, not looking forward to it, probably going to chicken out and use a guide at some point for that section.

#33 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

33 or 34 I think (could be 32) and 12.5 hours in. Just got done in Blighttown/Quelaag without dieing, wasn't nearly as hard as I heard it. The vetical-ness of the beginning was lame, however. The Souls games aren't exactly known for their great platforming.

#34 Posted by Crabs_on_the_beach (42 posts) -

7 hrs in, lvl 16

Hollow lady bandit, why hollow because I just got sandwiched on a staircase between a black and hollow knight.

#35 Posted by Gabriel (4076 posts) -

Level 50 27ish hours I think? Mostly been grinding the Dark Forest area. Can get 10,000 souls in less than 2 minutes.

#36 Posted by Thor_Molecules (732 posts) -

Level 32 with 24 hours played.

Yes, I take these games very slowly, although there is probably a hour or two spent idling at the bonfires.

#37 Posted by Humanity (9867 posts) -

Level 24 Pyro 8 hours in - just killed Capra and rang the first bell ready to go down to the depths.

#38 Posted by supaman900s (186 posts) -

level 16 Warrior; 4 hours in...

#39 Posted by gla55jAw (2693 posts) -

21 Hours Level 57. Technically I'm a Bandit, but I'm pretty much a Knight. Eastern Armor & Helm, Elite Knight Gauntlets and Legs and I'm still less than 50% Equip Burden so I do full rolls in full armor.

#40 Posted by Centimani (550 posts) -

I thought I was doing a fairly good first run, but some of you guys are making me look terrible D: It's cool to see all the differences though.

#41 Edited by johe0 (66 posts) -

28 hours, level 56

#42 Posted by McShank (1629 posts) -

SL 50

Going pure melee (except for heal miracle)

Have yet to go to first boss in sens fortress

39 hours in this character.

9 hours into my pyromancer, SL 21. Going to farm the crap outta that character also :D

#43 Posted by Chop (2000 posts) -

Finished the game at 27 hours, SL 65.

#44 Posted by Jonathan_Strange (6 posts) -

@supermike6 said:

5 hours, Level 15. I'm really bad.

6 hours, Level 15. I'll join you in your shame

#45 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2605 posts) -

First save is  
Wanderer Level 70  - 60 + hours 
Second Save  
Wanderer Level 16 - 4ish hours 
Third Save  
Pyromancer Level 31 - 12ish hours
#46 Edited by Vitor (2829 posts) -

3 hours, level 15.

Really not feeling this game as much as Demon's Souls. Adored that - probably one of my favourite games of all time. But there's just something that isn't clicking with me so far here. Maybe it's the open world and how you can run into enemies way above your level through no fault of your own? Or the glitch that made the red dragon start it's attack as soon as I set foot on the bridge and kill me with nothing I could do. Combat is still fun but the lack of a guaranteed bonfire after a boss is just cruel and, to be honest, I have far less time with which to devote myself to this game than before.

Also, is it just me or is the UI so much worse than Demon's Souls? Where can I see how many souls I need to get the next level? Why is it so hard to see the required parameters of each weapon? Am I being dense or is this displayed in nowhere near as intuitive a way as before?

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