which zones are best for SL 40(ish) in chances to get summoned?

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As you may or may not know, you can only summon a phantom within 10% of your current level. I'm in a covenant which gives better rewards for helping more players beat bosses online. This reward is the lightning bolt miracle, and it's fucking awesome. So to get more powerful version of that miracle, I've got to help people out online. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anybody to play with. I'm starting to think there is just no one around my level trying to beat whatever boss I'm waiting at. I had success at the gargoyles a while ago, but that was 20 levels ago. Right now I'm lvl 40 trying to join people at the boss of Sen's Fortress with no luck whatsoever. So does anyone know where I should go for the best chance at this? I don't want to level grind until I get this done because I assume once I get into the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc, there will be absolutely no one to play with no matter where I go. I can level up some if I'm shooting too low on this, but I'd rather stay as low level as possible to have the best chance at being summoned. Can anyone help me out here?

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@Shadow: Queelag maybe? I'm running around Blighttown at level 35.
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I was trying Queelag yesterday. In several hours of waiting, I got summoned twice. Both times, the host died in seconds. from either the lava or the AoE attack. My stock of 10 lightning bolts alone can take off half her health...or they could if the host would survive long enough for me to use even one of them.

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It's not that there aren't people out there at that level, it's just that the matchmaking sucks.  At level 40 you should be able to find people at the Gaping Dragon, Quelaag, or Iron Golem.

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hm...well today's later than yesterday. It stands to argue that many more people will have made it that far by this time. I guess I'll keep trying

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Im in blight town and am @ lvl 44. I'll be back online and looking for someone to join me against Queelag tomorrow morning around 8am pacific. For anyone else that's also an early riser jamming DS before work :)

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I would try Quelaag, Stone Golem, or Smough and Orstein.

Edit: I know it sounds crazy but I know a lot of people that do Four Kings at 40ish. GL brother.

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Question. If u lay down a summon sign, get summoned and defeat a boss that you have not yet beaten alongside your host player, does your game recognize that boss as defeated also?

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@Awolf007 said:
Question. If u lay down a summon sign, get summoned and defeat a boss that you have not yet beaten alongside your host player, does your game recognize that boss as defeated also?
Nope, you gotta be the host to make any progress.
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I finally got it. For some reason, when I broke down and leveled up to 41, suddenly there were actually people at the iron golem who could summon me. I got 6 boss kills done in 3 hours (that's actually fast for this slow-ass system). I was FINALLY able to use all those souls I'd saved up. I'm lvl 60 now and can finally use what is probably the best shield in the game.

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@hungrynun: gotta take out the Four Kings early to join the Darkwraiths, which I have to say, is really fucking fun. I did it when I was in my mid 30's.

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