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Hey guys, how goes it? Making a thread so maybe we can share out GT's and play Dark Souls together sometime or what not. I haven't played much of the first but know enough to make sure I buy this on Tuesday. I'm aware that we can't party chat, etc. but I thought it would be cool to share our names and play together in hopes of doing awesome stuff in the game. I'm pretty much a noob at this series but hope to better myself with time. GT  = Hi Voltg3.
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I don't think you can even control who you play with? I'm pretty sure everyone you meet are supposed to be faceless assholes/helpers.

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Hmm, that might be true I suppose. I just know I saw some online play where the helpers were ghost types? And they were helping out a guy kill mobs and a boss. Looked cool.
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@Hi_Voltg3: You are in for a surprise. Summoning friendly people could technically be coordinated, but it's usually someone random. Also, anyone can invade your game at any time and kill you. FUN!

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