Your top favourite +15 standard weapon ? PVP / PVE

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Which Weapon has grown into your absolute badass standard weapon of the game so far for pvp / pve or even both ? Please exclude any Elemental / or Non Standard (Twinkling Titanite upgrade path) weapons, there is enough discussions about that methinks.

I'm nearing the end of NG+ and my beloved +15 Scythe rips so badass that it's not even funny anymore and that beast scales alright...

I even use it in pvp if some lunatic thinks he has to jump me with his fa..fog ring due to the big swing.

1. Scythe for PVE/PVP and Shotel for PVP

With what did you fall in love ?

Bonus question: I know not alot of people do it, but is there even a favourite standard armor to upgrade you favourite ?

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My Great Scythe +5 helped me through most of my playthrough , which I've just finished. I didn't know much about the whole upgrading thing untill about 30 hours in, but lets just say that it's a Chaos Great Scythe +5 now.

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My +15 Greatsword fuckin' mashes close to everything in it's path into a fine paste pretty well. Because of its insanely slow speed it's hardly fitting for PVP, though. It's not doing me any favours for the Gwyn boss battle, either...

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I haven't done much pvp yet but a +15 Zweihander was my trusted companion through the game. I imagine it is too slow for PVP though...

Too bad I upgraded my scythe into the Lifehunt Scythe for NG+. Now I have to find a new one to upgrade...

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You can downgrade it still if you want, but i'm sure you're aware of that...

However i found the Scythe far superior to the Great Scythe nevertheless...

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@Lancezh said:


You can downgrade it still if you want, but i'm sure you're aware of that...

However i found the Scythe far superior to the Great Scythe nevertheless...

Thanks for reminding me. I'll look into that but I'll have to see how that works out with the rare weapons achievement (for which I have to play through the game at least once more anyway).

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used a +5 halbard untill i got the dragon thooth upgraded it to +5 with dragon scale. its really not that good it takes alot of stamina its really slow so you are open to alot of hits but used right with timing is really good killed everything in 1 hit and black knights with 2 stardard hits. so all i did was stand back and press up+ R2 (ps3 version) but for NG+ i proberly need something faster even though i killed the bosses at the first bell with ease

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I really like the animation set on the Claymore. A good amount of variety to the swings, and the R2 attack does great damage. The running attack is good for clearing out mobs, and the thrust is good for tight spaces.

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I freaking love the Iato, especially its R2 which hits seemingly everywhere around you (even behind you).

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@Lancezh said:


You can downgrade it still if you want, but i'm sure you're aware of that...

However i found the Scythe far superior to the Great Scythe nevertheless...

I have a Scythe in my inventory, I'll give it a try out later. I'm actually thinking of switching away from my Great Scythe and Havel armor in favour of becoming a fast-mover.

I loved the Great Scythe for the huge range on the R2 swings and the relatively good R1 attack. Every other weapon I've picked up after using it just felt weak, both damage-wise AND moveset wise.

Now that I have some knowledgable guys here, I have a question:

Did anyone else feel like that the spell "Great Magic Shield" is WAY to powerfull? I basically makes me invulnerable for about 30 seconds. Combined with the huge damage 2 swings from my Chaos Great Scythe can do, every boss I've fought since I've got it has felt like a joke. Even Gwyn himself was down within a half a minute because of this spell.

I know you can't "cheat" at Dark Souls, but that felt pretty close.

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@gosukiller: yeah make sure you try that scythe, i can absolutely confirm with just 40 dex it already does killerdamage, and the moveset is excellent. More to be expected if i put more into dex.

GMS is op yeah, i never used it, but after i seen someone use it in a video i decided to never use it. this can't be intended, common, even if the shield is not up and you're being grabbed by Gwyn you take NO damage ? That certianly feels like op, cheated, glitched whatever, but certainly not intended.

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the magic shield thing is being fixed in 1.04

meant to only apply to your .. shield .. you know

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Used a Zweihander in my first playthrough with a winged spear as back up.  Going with Claymore in NG+ with offensive miracles as back up.  Both work pretty well. 

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Claymore's moveset is great, and Zwielhander is strong enough at +15 to stun big enemies like the Taurus Demons in Demon Ruins. I'm also making an alt and thinking about going Scythe with him, the moves look amazing.

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I personally enjoy the Demon Great Machete +15. Although it's slow, you can parry enemies in PVE and PVP if you spend enough devotion. I use the Giant Armor set at +5 and use the Silver Knight Shield and Darkmoon talisman as my left handers. I like the Machete because with the Darkmoon Blade or Sunlight Blade enchantment and the Hornets Ring I can parry hit a PVP for 2000+ damage....and if they somehow survive that I'll just bum rush with Wrath of the Gods.

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