mrsomeone77's Dark Souls (Xbox 360) review

the mystery is back

My favorite part of games from the past was the sheer mystery of finding new things. Exploring. Talking about some mysterious location found by friends with other friends. Being overcome with sheer joy of unlocking something I never knew existed.

Well, in Dark Souls this game mystery comes through again, and has reawakened my longing for finding out what comes next. Demons Souls, while scarier than many games out there, and simply the one game that made me finally purchase a PS3, was quite an amazing experience, I must admit I did eventually put it down before finishing it. Not this time. In fact I can't remember spending this many hours playing any game other than Fallout 3.

The challenge is tough, but at the same time it's not. It just requires precision. It requires a steady hand, and some serious studying of the enemies in each area. The RPG elements are so fantastic I get giddy just thinking about them. The power ups, the spellcraft, the leveling of weapons, and finally the leveling of your character, shaping him into exactly what you want him or her to be. All amazing. All very much how I like em. Brooding landscapes and dank dungeons so perfectly balanced and so fantastically designed. The world is outstanding and one which begs to be explored. You'll be in shock when you find out how all the paths somehow connect to each other. How the darkest dungeon can somehow find itself back to the very beginning of where you started. It's amazing. It's simply impossible to describe, but seriously one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming out there.

My only gripe, and a weird one I must admit is the length. I love long games, but wow. This one is loooooooonnngg. Be prepared to grind out some serious farming time to level your dude up, and also be prepared to visit the same places many many times. It's like nothing I've played before but at the same time a bit too much for someone with a full time job. On the other hand, it's well worth the investment. You could seriously play this game for the rest of the year and find yourself coming back for more.

The addiction is real. The game is scary. It must be played to be understood...


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