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Thank you sir may I have another?

Dark Souls is an amazing game, but not in the traditional regard. it is a hard as hell RPG where literally every enemy in the game has the capability to kill you. Even the tag line on the box is "Prepare to die".. and you will, alot.

Graphics - 6/10

The graphics are good for a PS3 game, textures and environments for the most part are great looking. Why this gets a 6 is the frame-rate, it slows to almost a crawl in some areas, and this is only a PS3 issue, the 360 maintains smooth frame-rate throughout. Some people don't mind the slowdown i personally find it unacceptable especially since the 360 doesn't have it. PS3 definitely got the inferior version.

Sound - 7/10

Nothing to complain about here, nothing really noteworthy but nothing really horrible either.

Gameplay - 9/10

This is Dark Souls bread and butter, the combat. It is easy to learn but hard to master. It rewards patience and punishes haste. Every single inch of ground you gain in the game feels like you have earned it. You will come to cringe at the thought of another boss fight. you will cower in fear of a room full of enemies. Dark Souls does not play around and will beat you down over and over and over, only making you steel your resolve to beat it back. It is very difficult but hardly ever unfairly so. When you die you are usually painfully aware of how it was your fault.

Bonfires that are sprinkled though the game world serve as continue points and base of operations. You can spend the souls you collect from dead enemies here to level up, attune your magic or just get some much needed finger rest. Whenever you die you are taken back to the most recent bonfire ... minus all the souls you had on you. You want them back? then go trudge back out to where you died and go get them, oh and by the way, every time you die or rest at a bonfire, all enemies re-spawn... making that walk to get your souls back just as dangerous as it was in the first place. If you die without collecting your souls again they are gone forever... it's like the game kicks you in the face with a steel toe boot for being full of fail.

There are two types of hard games, games that are hard due to genuine challenge, and games that are artificially hard because of poor programming/game design. Thankfully Dark Souls is full of genuine challenge.

Story - 8/10

The story is a bit murky in the beginning but once you immerse yourself into it you see it for the original gem it is. I don't think i've ever seen this kind of story in an RPG before.

replay ability - 8/10

There are multiple classes to play so there is always a "different" way to try and beat the game (all magic, no magic, only light armor ect) So this will keep the elite among us busy forever.

Dark souls is not for the faint of heart or quick of temperament. The game is so difficult it may encourage the more temperamental of us to launch controllers though the air in frustration. it is without a doubt the most difficult but satisfying game in a long time.


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