is this game worth 8$

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Should I buy this game for 8$?

#2 Posted by phrali (677 posts) -

maybe. gimme 9 bucks and i'll tell you.

#3 Posted by Marokai (3308 posts) -

Sure. It's harmless enough as a game, it's just kind of generic. Mediocre if you want to get too tough on it. But it's a perfectly fine game and if achievements are your thing, the 360 version hands them out like candy.

#4 Posted by discost3w (164 posts) -

8.50 anybody?

#5 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -

Not really.  It's some nice ideas, wrapped in repetition, console quality Unreal 2.5 with Nolan North.

#6 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Nolan North is annoying as fuck just as in every other game he's in, but the flying scenarios are insanely fun. The on ground action is terrible, it's a shame there are only really a handful of in air sections.

#7 Posted by wemibelec90 (2108 posts) -

In my mind, once you get a game under $10, it's usually worth picking up if you're curious. If it's under $5, why the hell not buy this even if you're never going to play it?

#8 Posted by phrali (677 posts) -

@wemibelec90: but then why do people completely lose their fucking shit over $10 DLC?

#9 Posted by Zleunamme (767 posts) -

Nolan North can barely remember the name of that game. I would say no. You better off buying a digital download game.

#10 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12720 posts) -

Remember: If you buy a mediocre video game for dirt cheap, you may be financially better off than if you bought a good game for actual money but you're still spending 5-10 hours of your life playing a game that isn't very good. Every time I see Duke Nukem Forever on Steam for like $5 I'm tempted for about a second before remembering that.

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