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A decent jetpacking adventure

Dark void is a third person action adventure shooter flight sim hybrid. You play as Will, an unfortunate pilot who takes a trip into the void to find a resistance and a race of human killing robots. 
The gameplay in Dark Void is basically split into two concepts, the jet pack flight stuff and the third person shooting. Let's start off with the flying, it's done pretty well here.  The controls could be tighter, but they hold there own. At first it can be frustrating trying to target the enemy aircraft as you seem to never be able to get a lock on them and the flying parts take forever, but take my word for it it does get better and you do get used it. Overall these parts will most likely be your favorite parts of the game. Next up is the third person shooting parts, mostly generic shooting styles here. They try to mix it up by using the verticle cover, but this mostly becomes more annoying than innovative and fun. I found myself trying to find out where my enemies more than I was actually shooting them. This part of the game isn't a game killer and I didn't dread going into them, but once they were over I was very happy. The storytelling is not very well done here, there were points in the game where I flat out had no idea what was happening. This mostly happened in the beginning and it fleshed itself out eventually but I didn't like being left in the dark for the first episode of the game. The game attempts to fill you in at the end but I left the game feeling a desire to learn what the heck was happening back there, I got zero closure from the ending because it really didn't fill in the gaps.
The graphics here have their own look that I haven't seen before, everything for the most part looks realistic except for the character models which bugged me because in my opinion the game would have been cooler with a realistic look. The scenery is pretty bland with yellow rocks jutting up into the sky at random places and mist covering the top and bottom of the void.  
Now I have to talk about all the bad stuff I experienced in this game, first and most annoying was that I had to restart some levels because the game failed to move on, the next objective just wouldn't work. Another weird thing is my random deaths while trying to jack a UFO, I would be on it one moment then fall off and die without any reason as of why. One of the biggest things I found was that at points towards the end of the game the frame rate dropped to the point where the game would skip out and become unplayable at times which is a terrible and inexcusable. 
Overall the base is there for a great game but with it's many flaws and sad storytelling it just falls short of greatness. 
"And that's the ballgame!"

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