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I picked up Dark Void for $10, and I think I may have overpaid.  There's nothing inherently wrong with the game, but it's so underwhelming that it doesn't justify it's existence.  It's a pretty standard third-person cover-based shooter with some arcade dogfighting mixed in.  The dogfighting is actually pretty fun once you get used to the controls, but the shooting is bland an unrewarding.  Your guns, even when fully upgraded, feel underpowered, and you can run through most of the campaign on autopilot.
I found the story and the characters completely uninteresting and ended up skipping the final cinematic.  Nolan North is playing the same character he's played in much better games, and with a game like this you'd want to avoid drawing comparisons to more fun titles.
I ran into a few audio glitches and once or twice the game didn't advance mission objectives once I had completed them, but on the whole it ran fine.  There's no one thing you can point to and say, "see, this is BAD, and it ruins this game," but on the other hand there's no compelling reason to play it, either.

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