ki11tank's Dark Void (Xbox 360) review

Underrated.. at a discounted price!

Dark Void, when trying to come up with the feeling I got from this game they are quite mixed. I thoroughly enjoyed portions of this game and other portions I found myself looking around for someone to punch.. but in the end enjoyment reigned supreme.

To start off I will say it seems clear that the dev team decided to try take some of the pizzazz from the Uncharted series. Characters, scenery, voice acting, third person cover based shooter and a few various other things seem quite apparent from the Uncharted series. In doing so they didn't do a perfect job but at the same time on it's own right this game is a pretty good one amongst a sea of bad ones although not living up to the quality of Uncharted.

Dark Void would be a relatively boring third person shooter where you simply pick off enemies as you easily but slowly progress through linear maps with mediocre characters, mediocre guns, and a run of the mill sea of enemies if not for the handful of original ideas this game brings to the table. One of the unique aspects of this game is the aerial combat. The aerial combat consists of a average dog fighting type combat with a jet pack or alien spacecraft that you can hi jack which actually is the best part of in air combat and feels satisfying enough to get you through the game. The one other that really stands out on this game is the vertical traversal through the levels you must follow. Again kind of like Uncharted you must go up and down but instead of simply climbing you use a jet pack to blast your way to other points generally while shooting at enemies. This additional type of combat traversal does seem to add something fresh to the game as it's something we do not see often. The story in the game is somewhat predictable and not exactly mind blowing but it isn't truly boring and does in fact offer something we don' see every day.

I need to mention that this game does have a few frustrations that will bother you multiple times throughout it's play through but not enough to make you want to quit entirely. I rarely finish most games and I still enjoyed my entire run through of Dark Void. Also don't forget, this is a fairly easy achievement game and seems to be under rated, it's definitely worth one play through!


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