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Darkened Skye is a 2002 action adventure game for the Nintendo GameCube and PC. It was developed by Boston Animation, Inc. and published by Oxygen Interactive Software. Though it initially appears to be a fantasy themed action game with no ties to advertising of any sort, the player comes across odd colored jewels with the letter "S" on them. These jewels are quickly revealed to represent Skittles. The ultimate goal of the game, to restore the rainbow, is a play on the Skittles tagline, "Taste the rainbow." The game even breaks the fourth wall at times to humorously make points, such as how the developer wasn't allowed to depict any digested Skittles and that they had to appear whole.


Darkened Skye follows the story of a young woman named Skye. She lives in a world where happiness, fun, and even bright colors are forbidden. After stumbling upon a magical staff, the young warrior travels through the different worlds, meeting legendary people such as Merlin. In order to restore bright colors to the world, Skye must collect Skittles and use their magic in order to defeat her enemies and eventually release the rainbow from the clutches of the villain.

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