Anyone here play Darkfall Online? Would you recommend it?

#1 Posted by papuccino1 (355 posts) -

I'm curious about the game, but there is little info about the actual gameplay and how it has shapened up since launch. Does anyone here play it? Is it fun and what things make it fun. Thanks!

#2 Posted by Gelatinousgelboy (259 posts) -

I played it until last fall when college reared its ugly head again. I've been watching the development of it fairly closely but I haven't gotten the oomph to try it again yet. 
I'd say it's fun if you have the right mindset. The gameplay is sort of reminiscent of Quake, in the sense of chaotic, unrealistic engagements. The full loot is satisfying if you don't ragequit when it happens to you. Monsters are much more dynamic than in other MMOs, and surprisingly challenging in a good way. And the fact that you can participate in giant sieges is always awesome. It's rough around the edges, but less so than Mortal Online at this point (just tried out the beta of that today). And like any MMO, it also definitely helps to have a fun guild to play with. 
I'd definitely encourage you to try out the 7 day trial to see how you like it yourself.

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