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So, the Darkfall community and dev-player relationship has been rather distant, but just TODAY (23rd of Sept) there is a new section of the Darkfall forums called the Spotlight. 
Rife with brand-spanking new Community Liaisons and interesting topics, including a player-questions-for-the-devs thread, preview information on the new patch (tomorrow!) and linking Darkfall related blogs, this is a major turn in the developer's approach to interacting with the playerbase and really bodes well for the life of the game. 
Check out the new Darkfall Spotlight section here!

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I have always been a little interested in the game, but I'm going to stay away for now, Aion is keeping my attention also.

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Also, in the new DF Spotlight, they just revealed the methods of character transfers betwixt the two servers. Pretty big news for players (like meeee) who might have had to buy an entire new copy of the game to play on American servers (due to international licensing foibles) if this wasn't happening. Here's the quote from Mr. White (community liaison):

Following is some preliminary information on account transfers from the EU to N. American servers. This is a hot topic with the community so we tried to get information on it as soon as we could.

The process will start around the 3 month mark from the NA Launch, as originally planned. There will be no transfer fee if the transfer is completed within a month after the transfer option becomes available. You'll just need to purchase a subscription option on the NA server. 

Active EU accounts will remain active; players could create a new character and continue playing. Transfers between NA and EU will be available by paying a small transfer fee one month after the free transfer period is over. There will be a minimum wait period between transfers, for example you may need to wait a month to transfer from one server to the other; you won't be able to do it every day.

Characters will be transferred without any items but with all their stats. The devs have looked into the stats between the two servers and they don’t feel this will be an issue. Undoubtedly an influx of mature characters will affect things on the NA server but the existing population is prepared for it.

This is all the info we have right now. We’ll keep you updated on this as we get more information.    


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