Darkfall News: Expansion the second, Conquer the Seas

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On the 3rd of December, indie greek developer Aventurine released their second major downloadable (and free) expansion for Darkfall, titled "Conquer the Seas." The company lauds the work as a massive undertaking, containing more than twice the content of the first expansion from earlier this year. The standout features, from the preface of the patch notes, include:

 "...epic [sea] objectives,  floating villages with player owned housing, the siege mechanics completely overhauled, characters with more specialization, racial differentiation, monsters completely reworked, player owned vendors together with hundreds of new features introduced, and thousands of  improvements, and fixes implemented." 
Also, on December 10th, the art director for Darkfall, a certain Henning Ludvigsen, tweeted his excitement over seeing the game in stores, with photo evidence. Audiovisual SA is the official distributor of Darkfall in Europe and they finally seem to have begun the process. As to Darkfall on North American shelves, there has been no official word nor dates pronounced. Although Darkfall is currently available worldwide via download. 
Since this time there has been little to no information about the store release, but a brace of patches continue to sweep up after the expansion's coattails, balancing elements and fixing bugs as they become apparent. The Darkfall spotlight continues to connect to the community with regular updates, including a link to a revisitation of Darkfall by Paragus, community writer at MMORPG.com.

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