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Aventurine is celebrating one year of Darkfall by offering a 7 day, 1 dollar trial. While not free, $1 is certainly less than the previous system of buy for $50 plus recurring monthly and hope it's worth it. The company says it's a minimum commitment so that the trial won't disrupt the existing playerbase. With new player protection (a few hours of pvp immunity in newbie zones), two expansions (free) and content updates since then, do you think you'll try it out? I'm definitely tempted.
Official statement with links to account management, download and the trial

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I was super interested in Darkfall. It seemed like the MMO I want to play but I refuse to pay for a MMO before I try it. Even $1 is too much. When they put out a 7 day trial for free I'll download it in a second.

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The DF spotlight today lit upon a new post of Paragus Rants, a blog focused on objective discussion of MMOs. In his most recent post, Paragus has given some insight to new player protection and interviewed the leadership from the clan NEW, who provide a temporary home for new players. Overall a lot of good information of how to get started with the game, and even more reasons to give it a try.
Paragus Rants - Darkfall's Trial and Interview with NEW
@Scooper: Sorry to hear you feel that way. Apparently they've got a lot planned for 2010, so I hope you'll at least keep an eye out. :)
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I realize this is an old post, but just saying, the $1 trial is completely worth it, there are NO  restrictions whatsoever
also, it's an amazing game

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Definitely a great game and concept, although there are certain features I'm hoping see get changed/implemented. I'm looking at you, lack of any skill cap whatsoever. Would love to see more options/opportunities for RP, too. 
But yea, I encourage anyone to forgo a greasy burger and try the game for themselves.

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News update: Aventurine offers free 14 day trial to players who stopped playing before March 31st 2010. Official post
Now, for most of the GB crowd (who haven't touched the game yet) this doesn't mean much, but it seems like an honest attempt to bridge the gap with old players who want to see how the game is progressing without making that subscription commitment out of the gate. If AV starts patching in their fabled Darkfall 2010 content, I could definitely see myself making use of this offer. I'm pretty sure the $1, 7 day trial is still available for prospective new players, too.

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