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Born Uxas, the son on Yuga Khan and Heggra. He was the prince of Apokolips and planned to take control of the planet. He killed his brother, Drax, and took the legendary Omega Force. He fell in love with the scientist Suli and had a son, Kalibak. Suli was poisoned by Heggra, turning Uxas into an ever crueler individual.  He married another woman years later. Her name was Tigra and they had a son called Orion. Uxas banished both of them.

As Darkseid, he had Apokolips wage war with New Genesis. As a peace-offering Darkseid's son Orion was given to HIghfather from New Genesis. Scott Free, Highfather's son, was given to Darkseid.


- Superhuman strength (equal or higher than that of Superman)
- Invulnerability
- Omega Effect
- Immortality

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