Anyone else wish the gear in this game were better? (Spoilers?)

#1 Posted by blueaniman93 (618 posts) -

The gear in this game is pretty much the same. With the Death Grip being a less useful version of the Abyssal Chain, the Phasewalker, and Strife's other gun, there really isn't much new.

Does anyone else feel the choice of gear is a bit lazy? It lets them use levels they couldn't put in Darksiders 1 and you can only use 2 of them in battle.

#2 Posted by JonSmith (171 posts) -

Technically, you CAN use the Soul Splitter in combat. You'll just recieve double damage since you have an extra body for them to hit that can't defend itself at all.

But yeah, I agree. The gear in this game was quite lackluster. I feel like they lost a lot of the uniqueness by just doing somethings over and only adding ONE entirely new gear to the game. Plus, I'm wondering how they're going to make another Darksiders game with Strife if Death and War have his guns.

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