Anyone have the opposite reaction to Scoops re: this game?

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In the latest bombcast he mentioned how he found the first world of Darksiders II really boring and that not until he got to the second world did he start to enjoy it.

"If you're finding it boring, it gets better"

Personally, I had the opposite reaction to the game. I found the first bunch of levels a ton of fun. The switch the the tree of death-land (I forget what it's called this minute, sorry!) really sucked the fun out of the game for me. I was marathoning it up until the point on that floaty ship where I have to do a bunch of errands just to talk to a dude.. now I haven't played the game in weeks.

How do you guys feel about this? Also, is world 3 better than 2? Because I need some good news to convince myself to keep playing =/

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The first two dungeons (water and lava for the forge) where the hardest puzzle is find the switch and pull it? yeah - they were great.

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Yeah, I thought the Forgelands were a lot more interesting than the Kingdom of the dead.

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I agree with you, the game got way to repetitive once you got to the Kingdom of the Dead.

Also there was a lot more color and variety in the forgelands. The second area was just brown and dusty and had way to many "get 3 of these so you can get 3 of these" quests, Earth was terrible, The dungeon in the angel world was way to tedious. I kinda did not start enjoying it again until i got the the demon world and that place was super short.

After the first world it just feels like a really long version of the black tower in Darksiders 1.

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@GunslingerPanda said:


I thought he was talking about Steve Gaynor at first.

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I did. I really loved the Norse Viking vibe of the first world. Loved the characters, world design, etc. Then Kingdom of the Dead was all blue and white with skeleton after skeleton.

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I haven't played it yet, but knowing how he views games I probably would/will.

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I felt exactly the same when I got there, but after the first dungeon, I started to get bored again. The game isn't bad by any means, but it didn't hook me same way the first one did

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With you 100%. The first world and dungeons were magical. Nearly everything else felt like a Zelda game taking place on the front cover of a heavy metal album.

The game embraced everything that I loved about Prince of Persia 2008 and quickly lost a lot of it after that transition. Oh well.

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I'm almost the same way, but I really haven't enjoyed most of the game's locales. There was something I could identify with when you played on Earth. Random/goodly/heavenly realm and random/evil/hellish realm are not fun to look at and they have no history for me to care about.

It's a shame that the parts the remind you of the first game are also reminding you of some of the worst parts of the first one.

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The collect 3 of X really killed my momentum in the Kingdom of the Dead.

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Same here the second world nearly made me quit the game. As you said the whole back and forth that they put you through really feels like they had no ideas to actually make the story in that world as long as they liked so they padded it out.

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Yep. Forge Lands and Kingdom of the Dead were the best. And, for me, nothing matched the first boss you fight.

I haven't beat it yet tho... trying to get all the side quests before entering the last part that you can't return from so maybe that part will be great?

I think the game was great overall, tho. Well, the third person shooter part was absolutely terrible. I had to quit the game after each section of it because it was such a chore.

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I agree with most of what he was saying about the whole beginning part of the game in the forge lands being slow, dull, and kinda boring, and the pace and excitement immediately picking up in the second world, which I'm very much enjoying. I feel like they could have cut a good 1/3 or more from the main first world quests and nothing significant would have been lost.

@Voxel said:

I actually agree with him. I've only played an hour of it since I got it on release day. I just don't like the generic fantasy setting of the first world. It really put me off of the game.

I'll second this. The whole first world has an extremely generic, annoyingly WoW-esque fantasy vibe that I also found off-putting.

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I think that the game went more in the combat direction after the first world.

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I had no real problem with the mechanics of the game, it was the narrative that bored me to death.

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I kinda had an opposite reaction to this game, but it didn't start happening until the third world. I'll tell you now the last thing I expected after experiencing two large maps was 2 significantly smaller ones that were basically one long strip with virtually nothing to do, with the tree at one end and the 'dungeon' as it were on the other end. It was as if the developer lost its steam of creating landmasses after 2 worlds and said 'fuck it'.

Also one thing I'll put in spoilers:

The last boss was amazingly uninteresting and didn't give me a climax to what they were building up to. It even made me think that if it wasn't for the 2 keys I was looking for, it was a threat that even the Makers could beat. Nothing justified why only Death alone could beat the corruption from a gameplay standpoint. Hell even that impenetrable thing that required a goddam colossus to take down would be tougher than the final boss. It was just another bossfight with not even a surprise 2nd phase or unique combat scenario.

Still like the game but honestly I think I like Darksiders 1 more at this point.

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I guess I'm with Patrick here, I don't know about the 2nd world however since I drifted away during the 1st.

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As the game went on I got progressively more and more uninterested. I mean, everything felt fine and everything. All the narrative was just boring as all hell. I felt like a powerful being like Death should be doing something more than just fetch quests.

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This is exactly how I felt. I absolutely loved the first few dungeons in the game, and then slowly became more bored with it as I got farther in. Totally perplexed by the fact that Patrick feels the opposite way.

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The game gets worse as the find me 3 of this pacing in the game is awful. Despite that Darksiders 2 is great in a lot of ways.

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I got bored when i had to find three of everything in three seperate dungeons. i mean everything that game couldn't be anymore fleshed out.

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Sort of. I did not find the first few levels/dungeons that bad but I am having a blast with it still (up to second lord in the Dead area place a ma bob). 
I think it's a lot of fun.  
It may help that I only play it in small portions though. I don't know.

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Ugh, good to see I'm not the only one who thinks calling Patrick "Scoops" and "Tricky" is douchechill central.

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I like dwarves a whole bunch so the first few levels with the Makers are really exciting for me. They are like dwarves only huge and dominating, not to mention they have a bitchin' blacksmith hammering away all day. The Land of the Dead is getting to be pretty ho-hum where I am in the game. It seems to throw you in more "beat all these guys to get the doors to open" arenas in this second half of the game.

I can't stand the tinny cling noise that Death makes when he walks, it is starting to drive me right up the wall. I can't seem to mute or fix it to save my life.

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@TeflonBilly said:

Ugh, good to see I'm not the only one who thinks calling Patrick "Scoops" and "Tricky" is douchechill central.

Heh what do you mean? Scoops, J-Boss, R-Money, The Cracker and Italian Stallion my favorite crew of video game podcasters and amateur rap artists.

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I think the Forgelands where nice, but i didn't like the Dead City much.

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@TeflonBilly: the word douchechill is pretty douchechill.

Is that right? Do kids still say douchechill?

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I didn't mind the Forgelands, but a couple of things about the second world:

- I fucking HATE that you spend a bunch of time collecting three things to kill a guy so you can talk to a guy, then that guy immediately sends you to collect three more things. Having such little turnaround before the latest triforce of fetch quests really slaps you in the face. I get that it's all these kinds of games are - going through dungeons to get things and kill bad dudes - but... fuck

- I was excited to go to the dead area, because I expected Death to be some sort of big shot there. I mean, you're fucking DEATH! But instead, not only are you just another schmuck who exists to do things for other people, there's actually another dude who is considered the "king" of the realm! And he treats you like shit! The way they tell the story, Death really doesn't feel like "Death" so far - he's just a dude from some ancient, powerful race of beings, who happens to be named Death. Sort of like I could name my kid Zeus, but that doesn't make him the God of Thunder.

Right now I'm at the beginning of fetching the three lords for the king. I find I can't play this game for extremely long stretches, because the gameplay gets a little tedious. I tend to do one dungeon area, and then take a break. I like the aesthetic of the game so far, the loot lust is a nice addition to the Zelda formula, and I think the combat has just enough Devil May Cry in it to feel good and rewarding. But puzzling out dungeon after dungeon, wears me down after a couple of hours.

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