Darksiders 2 Console Issues

#1 Posted by hangedtoaster (185 posts) -

Hey duders,

All this has been experienced on the 360 version of the game. I've put in around ten hours into Darksiders 2, I've had it completely lock up my Xbox 4 times now. That and the multiple load times through one single dungeon are souring the experience a little. Overall I;m still having a lot of fun playing it. Anyone else have similar issues on other platforms? Any thoughts on the game thus far?

#2 Posted by _Chad (999 posts) -

I'm on the 360 as well I haven't had it lock up but I have had it stop to load at pretty consistent rate. It loads really quick most of the time so it's no big deal. Do you have it installed to your hard drive?

#3 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Installing the game has fixed the lockup for me and cut the load times to around 3 seconds for me.

#4 Posted by Briggs713 (238 posts) -

I've had the game lock up 5 times on my Xbox. The frame-rate is terrible and I never really care about that when reviewers say it.

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I can't access the Live part of the inbox to send items for the achievement, & ever since I got to the last world, the game locked on me 6 times; I even had to delete one of the two save files it keeps for each slot, because the damn thing locked up while saving, fucking up my file! After that, it worked fine, as I was at the last 20-30 by that point anyway, but still...

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Wow! I wonder what the PS3 version is like.

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I think I've got about 20 hours into it on 360 and I've had two hard locks which, unfortunately, isn't any worse than any other game I've played this generation.

As for the load times, I get maybe two or three a dungeon when going through doors but with the game installed they're a second or two at most.

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I can't even play the game, because they still need to put out another patch or three to fix the bug that's blocking my progression. Well, I guess I could play, but I don't much want to start a new game when I'm 10 hours into this one.

Oh, just realized this is for console versions, ah well, it's all the same, I know these bugs are present on all versions. Buggy game is buggy.

#9 Posted by Barrock (3763 posts) -

To the people having these issues, have you installed the game on to your hard drive?

#10 Posted by Apollo87 (149 posts) -

Been playing the PS3 version and yeah it has locked up on me about 5-6 times, pretty annoying.

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Playing on PS3 the lockups is random,but frequently enough to get me angry.PS! if you experience lockup on ps3,eject the disc then insert the gamedisc,ps3 will then restart. Darksider II on ps3 is not properly coded/Lazy/buggy.This is 100% the games fault not the PS3 hardware.Have also experienced graphical glitches,triggers in the game world that do not work sometimes not letting me progress so i have to restart the game again.

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