Darksiders Game breaking bug!

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Just a warning in the Foundry when looking for the second Heartstone, in the room where its located a construct is need to complete the puzzle rooms. However its possible toto get it permanantly stuck on geometry in my case the rubble to the right of the key door. As far as i know this is a game breaker with no way to reset it. Its just happened to me and i'm pretty fucked off in truth,i have very little time to play games these days and i won't be starting the game again any time soon. Take care in that room.

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Yeah man, I encountered a game breaking glitch as well except a good few hours after where you are in the game. It got me royally pissed off. Judging from the the internet, there seem to be a few different ways to break the game.

I'm not going to start again for some time. I bought sleeping dogs instead. :)

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I think I may be stuck at a different part. At a boss. The Wailing something..King maybe? Octopus face looking monster.

There are 3 parts to the boss. On the 2nd part the boss just freezes up and stops moving. I can keep hitting him and take all his life off and nothing happens. Really frustrating. What may of caused this is during my 2nd attempt at fighting him he knocked me off the platform that you fight him on and the game acted like I fell to my death so it warped me back to the platform. After that he was frozen. So I thought, okay I'll just restart the game. Nope... now he is frozen every time even without falling off the platform.

Very strange. I tried fighting him 2 more times and he just freezes up and I can't progress. I'm 15+ hours in so if this means starting over, as much as I enjoyed the game thus far, that's a no go.

Anyone else encounter this? I know this is not suppose to happen because he freezes up at the 2nd part of the fight. My first attempt I got to the third part of the fight when I died so this really sux.

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I just found a Youtube vid of it so I guess it's not completely rare. The Wailing Host boss. I thought by me falling off the platform it created some incredible fluke since it's obvious you aren't suppose to be able to fall off of it (the boss knocked me high into the air off of it when I jumped to avoid an attack).

Spoilers obviously...


How sh*tty.

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@lclay: I thnk i might do the same, Sleeping Dogs looks good although i were hoping for Darksiders to take more of my time. I was about 7+ hours and i don't reallt want to have to start again, i think i'll keep hoping for a patch.

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@eclipsesis: @lclay: @handlas: I encountered the same game breaking bug with the heartstone in the foundry, and managed to correct it and continue with this fix. Unfortunately, that fix only works if you delete your most recent save (the game makes two saves) right after encountering the bug and before running around and overwriting it with a new bugged save. Luckily, I managed to do this, but of fucking course encountered another progression blocker immediately after in the form of the worker construct necessary for opening a gate not even spawning. So now I'm in the same boat as you guys, just waiting on a patch, despite fixing the initial bug!

This game's really quite buggy, truly game-breakingly so. It's a real shame stuff like this gets past QA, and that major full price releases can just ship broken. I feel kind of cheated, and I just want to play this damn game I've been enjoying.

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I m stucked in ivory citadel voidwalker and cann't progress. anybody can help?

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