"Death comes to all of us" trailer

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I was going to buy this game anyway but damn, that trailer looks fucking awesome. I wonder why Death fights against War though. Only a few weeks to go...

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Yeah looks cool, though. I never finished the first--only played my brother's copy when I was visiting home--so I guess I should do that. I always wavered between really liking it and finding its super serious Iron Maiden attitude kind of silly. I suppose War didn't get the job done?

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That's not actually War. A dude named the Crowfather creates a fake War to fight Death in the first level of the game.


He did. War found who was responsible and killed them. Turns out War was summoned because said dude had broken all the seals except the Seventh one, signaling the Apocalypse to happen without summoning the Horsemen. The Charred Council realized bad stuff was going down, but knew none of the Horsemen would ride until that last Seal was broken. So War was sent unknowingly, without his brothers and sister. The Charred Council had set him up, and then blamed him, knowing his honor would force him to seek out those responsible. He did, then broke the Seventh Seal, summoning the other three Horsemen to Earth to wage war against... Everyone, more or less. This takes place while War's doing all that crazy stuff.
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@JonSmith: Thanks for the heads up. Probably shouldn't spoil myself that much but if it's in the first level already... I'll play it mostly for the gameplay anyway.

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I'm excited.

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How much time has passed during the events of the first game and Darksiders2?

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@Sunspots: None, Dev's said that the game takes place in the same timeframe as War's story.
I think Death's working to clear his brother's name when he learns how he is framed for it in Darksiders 1 and this is that story.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Even though some people say that they steal stuff like the wall walk I rather have that in the game than being forced to wait for a decent Prince of Persia game.
Darksiders 1 was great, 2 looks bigger and better, now we just need the sequel to this to have 4 player co op for all the riders.
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@TaliciaDragonsong: Agreed. Yeah the first game took a bunch of stuff from other games but it all fit together in the best way. I think it's cool if devs lift mechanics from other games if they do it well. Still need to get around to finishing the first.

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Gerstmann said it best during the QL EX, "Only recently within the last 5 or 10 years has the language evolved to the point where you can say, 'oh this game is like this, this, and a bit of that in a way like movies are often talked about when describing them.'"

The Darksiders series wears their inspirations on their sleeves and doesn't try to hide any of the obvious mechanics they have taken inspiration from. It's done in enough of a tasteful, genuine way that the game ends up being better for it, and not a train wreck of a disaster it could have been if put in the hands of a less capable developer.

That being said, can anyone think of an example of a game that liberally steals gameplay, mechanics from others and fails miserably in being a good end product? I'm not thinking of any of those iOS clones/Facebook games, more along the lines of a console/PC game.

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