Demonheart Talisman Question

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it says

"Increases the chance of finding Possessed Weapons."

does this include getting possessed weapons from vulgrim?

does it increase chance of getting possessed weapons from vulgrim?

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No it's just drops from monsters as far as i can tell.

Vulgrim gives a guaranteed possessed weapon in the orange box regardless.

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bec. this is what i have noticed..

like u said, vulgrim gives guaranteed possessed weapon from the "50,000" gold box.. but these weapons dont have additional stats with them, like crit damage etc..

but when i tried to open the "5,000" box, i got possessed weapons with free 1 or 2 bonus abilities, like crit damage, fire, ice ,etc..

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Yea theres a small chance for that, not sure if it affects him, but my guess is no.

You are only limited to 4 stats per possessed weapon anyway, so any existing stat on them is pretty much moot as you can get all/any the 4 stats you want by just feeding it.

EDIT: i was doing some tests on PC some time ago by giving myself hundreds of vulgrims coins, and the chance for a possessed weapon from those other boxes is way too small to bother, it's easier to just buy the orange box. You would need someone to either open up the game and look into it's insides to determine a lot of mechanics or to do an insane amount of testing and then number crunching, which for such a tiny benefit i don't think people will bother. (or developers to open up the mechanics/numbers)

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since i only wanted (crit damage, crit chance, str), i started using cheats to buy more and more boxes, and got to see some possessed weapons with stats already on it.

lets hope some1 can prove if the "5,000" is better for possessed weapons. (i know it will take long time)

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Where do you get the demonheart talisman?

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@Mars: One of the Death's 4 tombs, can't recall which one exactly.

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