Extended trailer brings more Death, a pinch more dialogue.

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If you head over to facebook just now, by 'liking' the official Darksiders page (which I'm sure a fair few of you will throw up your hands and scream to the heavens over) you can access an extended trailer.  
Showing roughly 20 seconds more footage, there is a better look at the flying creature(s) Death appeared to be riding in its shorter counterpart, as well as a few more lines of dialogue from the spectral character with whom our bemasked hero was discoursing and more. 
It feels a little better fleshed out, provides a measure more excitement than the last, and is definitely worth a watch. If you aren't totally against 'the man' or 'corporations' then get yourself over there and plant your eyes firmly upon Darksiders II.

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I can't help but slightly dislike the character design of Death, he looks straight out of a rap metal album cover.

War looked much better IMO. :/

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Is this trailer available anywhere else? I don't have Facebook.

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@valrog said:
Is this trailer available anywhere else? I don't have Facebook.
'Fraid it doesn't appear to be at the moment, bud. I'd expect it up via other means, or media outlets, relatively soon. 
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Can't find it anywhere. All the links lead to Facebook...

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Death will be our savior!

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I still can't find it... It was removed from YouTube.

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