Has anyone gotten their steam code?

#1 Posted by GenghisJohn (297 posts) -

I ordered from the thq store cause of the free dlc they were offering and got my confirmation email but no steam code. When I emailed them about it they sent me a URL that is apparently broken. Has anyone that ordered from the THQ store gotten their code yet? Thanks guys

#2 Posted by AlisterCat (6213 posts) -

It isn't available for another month, so I didn't think they'd be emailing anything out yet. I've emailed them with some questions about the steam side of it. Just waiting for a response.

#3 Posted by GenghisJohn (297 posts) -

Thats what I figured but the email the sent me was fairly confusing.

#4 Posted by mosdl (3388 posts) -

I don't think they ever said you would get a steam code.

#5 Posted by GenghisJohn (297 posts) -

I'm pretty sure they are just going to email a steam code. One of the system requirements is a steam account

#6 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Darksiders II uses Steamworks so no matter how you acquire the game, it's gonna get activated on Steam. I can't imagine THQ doing anything else other than sending out Steam codes.

I do wish preordering from the THQ store was more clear about this, though.

#7 Posted by JoeyRavn (5130 posts) -

With "Steam code" you mean "serial key"? Yeah, you'll get one, just like you do with Amazon. But I assume they'll send it when the game is released.

#8 Posted by returnofjake (260 posts) -

If it's anything like Saints Row III which I got on the THQ store, they send the code out when it's ready to be downloaded.

#9 Posted by GenghisJohn (297 posts) -

@returnofjake: Thanks for the info, I can finally stop checking my email every 5 seconds :)

#10 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2763 posts) -

I ordered it back in June and I'd expect to get my Steam code within 24 hours of the release. That's how this always works.

#11 Posted by KingofClassy (71 posts) -

I am in the UK and noticed the deal they have (Game+Season Pass+Argul’s Tomb DLC, Maker’s Armour and Scythe set, and Metro 2033) but I don't have the Armour and Scythe, or Metro 2033 in my invoice: has anyone else? I asked support but they gave canned answers. not even near what I asked.

#12 Posted by AlisterCat (6213 posts) -

I got an email response today that said

You will receive a downloadable install that installs the game into Steam. Metro2033 is a Steam Works title as well that installs in Steam

I have no idea what that really means. A download that installs in to steam? What?

#13 Posted by mosdl (3388 posts) -

@AlisterCat: Same way you install Steam games form a disc - it installs the game using its own installer and adds itself to steam

#14 Posted by AlisterCat (6213 posts) -

OK, so I got around to purchasing it from the THQ store. It came with Metro 2033 which I already have but even though that is a steamworks game it makes me download it through a really crappy download manager. Since I was told by support that I would 'download' Darksiders 2 through them I am worried it is going to be the same as this. I hope that is not the case.

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Steam codes for you PC guys that bought directly from THQ will be going out at midnight eastern tonight.

#16 Posted by CJduke (848 posts) -

@Blind_Evil said:

Steam codes for you PC guys that bought directly from THQ will be going out at midnight eastern tonight.

ok thats awesome

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#18 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2763 posts) -

I got mine last Friday (three days ago) and downloaded it on the spot (still locked until tonight).

#19 Posted by mosdl (3388 posts) -

Should unlock in 13 minutes if Steam is to be trusted

#20 Posted by GenghisJohn (297 posts) -

Just a heads up. I got my code from the Shop THQ store, so codes are out. Downloading now :D

#21 Posted by BeachThunder (13306 posts) -

Game's live now :)

Also, open source libraries as a menu option o_o - is there a concept page for that?

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