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Honestly, I'm fairly good at these types of games yet for some reason I am getting my ass kicked at every turn, I'v got the difficulty set on easy now and I NEVER do that, I'v been stuck at that Gorewood at the beginning of the game for like a week now and I cant seem to beat him, he kills me with one hit every time and my attacks seem to do little to no damage, is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Gorewood is an optional boss, they are the toughest individual fights in the game. Also what level are you (i suspect you ran into him way too early)? Simply skip him for now go do the story, come back when you are lvl 10 or so with better gear (10 is a bit overkill tho). Secondly dodge, dodge and more dodge. Dodging attacks is extremely effective in Darksiders 2 and can be used to avoid all of his attacks.

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@Tennmuerti: Oh, I didn't realise he was an optional boss, I'v just started the game so I'm only like a level 2
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You're not meant to be able to match him on any difficulty level early in the game. I defeated him at level 2 even though he kills you in one hit, just through persistence and pattern memorisation. You get a club that requires you to be level 10 to use, so I'd say wait until level 10. I also defeated the trainer guy at level 3 who also defeats you in one hit. It can be done, just takes a long time and practice. Oddly, I never do this in other games.

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Go do the first dungeon, once you do that you'll go up quite a few levels and get some decent gear. Then buy a bunch of health potions and go fight him. You should be able to take 2 hits from him so the fight gets infinitely easier. Also I found the skill that lets you summon 2 minions is a great distraction for him. Good luck!!

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Dude yea, you are just starting the game fresh out of tutorial and have like no real gear, just come back to him in a bit. :P

Even lvl 5 should not be that much of an effort to kill him. One or two main dungeons will be enough.

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To quote Piccolo: DOOOOOOOOOOOODGE!!!

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@Tennmuerti: Lol well don't I feel foolish, I just restarted the game so I don't have to do the rest of the game on easy and I'll just skip him and come back later, thanks 
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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Tennmuerti: Lol well don't I feel foolish, I just restarted the game so I don't have to do the rest of the game on easy and I'll just skip him and come back later, thanks

For future reference, you can change the game difficulty under the options menu at any time :O)

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@EthanielRain: Yea but you only get rewarded for the lowest difficulty you selected 
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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@EthanielRain: Yea but you only get rewarded for the lowest difficulty you selected

Ah I see; good to know :)

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